Organic Bud Shots

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Stash_Bastard, Sep 7, 2001.

  1. unoit,
    what exactly is your av thingy sitting on? :)

    sooooo, ill bet you were jealous of my really top quality, plate-o-weed crap last week eh?
    ill just betcha....

    im taking it your not REaaaly the braggin type, hows yours? bet it's awsome aint it?...:)
    we actually laughed about your sticky joint, been there done that its a difficult task to actually roll it...:)
    um forgive this stupid question but didigital camera?
    ill Loooove to show off :)
    peace and luv
  2. heheh duh.....a puter
  4. done with plate o weed but i do hate it! crap lasted 2 days BLAH.
    i asked about the camera thiinking to sneek maybe a couple of nice pictures on a roll of nature film, thinking maybe but my man says noway. ...
    ok bottom line did u actually get yourfilm developed or did u do it yourself? im not up on um, this kind of etiquette so if im outta line, just catch my ass and tell me so :)
    and im SSSOOO BUSSTED for smoking a very tiny joint that was broken off a couple days ago, mr bossy hasnt tried it yet and its SOOOOgood lol theres no lyin about this smell./lmao
    peace agin

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