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    Hello everyone!

    Its been a fort night since I've been here on these forums thought id come back and give some updates on this new grow I'm going for. Done a lot of autoflowers and experimenting along the way. Going on 1 1/2 years now. Always learning always fresh.

    So down to business.

    Gonna use a 15gal Smart pot (barely fits in my tent depth wise only have 1.5ft to work with)
    15g Smartpot.jpg
    I'm using Roots Organic Soil and i like to run 60/40 Soil/Perlite but this time im going 40/60 Soil/Perlite. I have this sitting here getting the dolo lime ready by keeping it moist, but the 2" layer of perlite I have on top is to get rid of the fungus gnats I have in the soil. (The place I get my soil is a hit or miss with fungus gnats in the soil)
    For nutrients im going to use Roots Organic Grow/Bloom
    And Terpinator!!!! Ive used this in every run. Its worked from what I can tell so far.
    Light is a 400w HPS 6" Cool Tube (its only 17 inches long) with an Apollo Dimmabel ballast that i have set to 50% right now
    Open Tent.jpg Secret Tent.jpg
    And yes my tent is tiny for a 400w grow.

    Germinated 2 days ago, planted last night and it should break soil tomorrow. Ill update in 2 weeks or sooner. Happy growing and stay frosty everyone.

    ps. I have a black opal basil growing in there too for the time being.
    Black Opal basil.jpg Black opal B.jpg
  2. 4 days later we have this!
    Somango 5 days.jpg
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  3. Nice basil you've got there! Hehe. Subbed along for the ride, looking good. How are your temps?

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  4. subbed man! actually excited to see this grow out :jump:
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  5. Actually ive been having a bit of a rough time with temps. Its spiked up to 88 but that was with it being within 1ft of the light. Now that ive been able to back the plant off a bit the temps sit around 82-84 with my tent closed. With the tent open ( my wife has been dealing with it) i can bring my temps down to 75-73 which i prefer. Its just rough dealing with a 4" inline. I need to invest in a new 6" inline and bump my CFM from 190>400cfm. Get better cooling that way use a fan speed controller and set it to medium run about 300cfm in my ity bity tent.
  6. True.. Well that's good that you fixed that. That sounds like a good plan. I just can't stand how loud the darn things can be. Lol.

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  7. Well the one i have now is actually wrapped in a blanket. And its quiet to a certain degree. I have a big fan in my master bedroom for sleeping that is loud enough when i turn it on your cant distinguish the fan from the inline fan.
    But when i get a 6" inline ill make sure to have money for dynamat and build a box with dynamat layers in it and then buy insulated ducting and noise reducing clamps (or make my own....out of clamps and dynamat :love-m3j:) and put the fan in their on top of my tent cause i know the noise difference is going to be significant.
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  8. 4 day update both plants are experiencing extremely close node growth.....honestly the closest ive had myself. Seeing as how this is my first HPS grow I came from 420w of CFL 1 1/2 ft long CFL's...........6" around it was silly. Gonna try a full HPS run and see how it goes. So far so good
    3-21-16 Basil.jpg 3-21-16 Somango Update.jpg
  9. By the way for anyone who is curious I use Royal Queen Seeds as my main breeder. I will be running more journals after this one. Been shopping with The Vault for my entire growing time now. They happened to send me some free stuff for being an awesome long time customer!!!!!
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  10. Wait so which autos were these again? I'm waiting on some royal queen dwarfs.

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  11. None of what im running are autoflowers. These are all Feminized Photoperiods. But i can also say that RQ Autoflowers are amazing. Especially the Royal Queen Northern Lights Autoflower. Its so robust and almost impossible to hurt/kill it
  12. Ahh okay. I remember you mentioning you've dealt with autos a lot. I'll have to look into those as well. So what strain is this?

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  13. What im running right now is a Somango XL Feminized Photoperiod strain from Royal Queen. Its Somango Mixed with XL bud to give it more of a yield.
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  14. Took a new step today and made a homemade Co2 generator to help my plants fight against the high temps (all the way up to 86). From yesterday to today the plants look different. The basil was a bit wilty and it perked back up.
    CO2.jpg 20160324_103921.jpg
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  15. Subbed in

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  16. So I topped her 2 days ago and transplanted her today into a 5gal smart pot. Next step after this is the 15gal and then the Screen Goes over top.
    3-29 Somango.jpg

    And then im going to have to buy some Silica to run on the basil to help a little bit. Its not even happy at 79 degrees so I dunno what to tell this basil. I live in a tropical climate and someday im throwing her ass outta my tent and outside. Just hope when I put her in a bigger pot and put it outside it does better. Its so heat stressed right now.
    3-29 Basil.jpg

    Honestly I wish I could grow at 75ish degrees that would make my day. But I keep my house at 75 (I try to) and my tent since I got my 400w HPS it runs around 82-86 degrees. When I open my ten tho it drops all the way down to 73. Like right now its 78 degrees outside, but the humidity is its hot as hell even at 78 degrees.
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  17. If i transplant from a 1gal to a 5gal and then to a 15gal do i need any bottled nutes? I figure it would be supplied with enough nitrogen and cal/mag (i put crushed dolo lime in the soil 1bs/gal of soil). I know i need bloom nutes i just usually don't transplant.
  18. I'm not a great soil grower. Why two transplants instead of going straight to the 15gal

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  19. I ran one plant in roots organic in a 5gal smart pot vegged two months. No nutes just water. Why the dolemite and perlite.

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  20. Cause every grow ive done up to this point, even if i kept the PH on track and made sure it was properly watered, i would always get Cal/mag problems even when using Cal/Mag+ in the watering. So im trying to avoid that at all costs this time seeing as how i NEVER have really had any different problems except when my PH pen was broken for 5wks during a grow and i didn't even know it. Or when i first started out and i didn't have a PH pen but i was using PH test strips. And im at a 60/40 Perlite/Soil mixture so i have to water a little more frequently cause its so hot in my tent. The every 4-5 day watering seems to help a little with the heat stress cause the cool drink on the roots, but this plant isint showing signs of heat stress. Just my wimpy Basil <_<

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