orem utah!

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  1. any smokers from orem, utah? just got here
  2. Another utah stoner! holy shit!
    I never thought I'd see the day! :)
    Im not from orem tho...im from down south...you ever heard of saint. george??? :D
  3. ive heard of there haha cause i go to UVU and a lot of people are from there dang any others?
    would love to light it up sometime with you guys
  4. what up bro, i am over in lehi
  5. Thread Idea. Put all 50 State's, then people mark off what state they're from, and we update the thread everytime someone replies, with there state ;) Im curious how many people from utah are on this website

  6. I've talked with at least five other utahns on these boards besides me and the people posting in this thread. Doesn't seem like we have much solidarity though and none of us seem to know any of the others IRL.
  7. ouch.. only 5 people from Utah haha that makes me sad :( :(
  8. yeah in provo i also just moved here so still looking around for contacts
  9. I wonder what would be the implications if we all got together at some point. No weed or buying or selling (to avoid LEO joining us the first time), just to get together and see if we're people each other can trust. Then if we're all friends, exchange emails or numbers and help each other out in the future? The main barrier to networking is knowing who you can trust, and that can take a little work.

    I don't know, just an idea.
  10. I'm in Draper nice to see more people from UT.
  11. That is a good idea glass clown, networking is always good for all involved

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