O'Reilly On Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crypto Tech, May 14, 2011.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AKJ28geoJU]YouTube - Medical marijuana[/ame]

    Please complicate his severe case of PMS by ripping on his youtube page GCity :devious:
  2. Hey what's wrong with a guy named Lenny running a clinic
  3. He's kinda right. Most people who obtain medical marijuana aren't even sick.

    Not that I'm against medical marijuana or anything.

  4. What about the people who are sick and those that live in states where medical marijuana isnt legal and they could benefit from it......?

    It's only a plant and it should be legal.

    LOL I was kinda hoping ol' Bill was gonna bring up something about the weed making white women listen to black jazz music or something really stupid....
  5. Even if they arent sick atleast they're buying legally and dankally. lol
  6. He also said meth heads and crack attics buy it and sell it to children.

    What child is stupid enough to by weed with a price inflated like that? And what child buys his shit from a crackhead?

    Typical 'Reilly Bullshit.
  7. Commented, "There is nothing wrong with Marijuana, forget "medical marijuana." If you, or anyone else had proof on the "harm" it does you would provide it rather than your holier than thou opinion. If you don't want to smoke it, don't - but please stay out of everyone else's business."

    Quite a few "dislikes" - I wish this site had that feature. :)
  8. Don't get Mr.O'Rielly wrong, thats just how he was raised. I agree with him on everything but religion and marijuana
  9. LOL, he had no idea what he was talking about, that was great.
  10. The drawbacks? Few people are hindered by pot addiction to the point where it ruins their lives. The benefits? It fucking cures cancer. It relieves stress. It can be used to treat glaucoma. It can be used to induce appetite. It can be used as a pain reliever. There is also a myriad of other diseases, disorders, and symptoms which marijuana can be used to treat.

    Everyone can benefit from a little medical marijuana, even if used in a recreational sense. In other words, just because they aren't 'sick' doesn't mean they aren't using the right medicine.
  11. That's unfortunate. 99% of what spills out of his mouth is complete and utter garbage. O'Rielly and like minded people do little more than aid in the demise of this country. The fact that his drivel is allowed to be broadcasted on television is a shame in and of itself.

  12. baaAAAaaa...:rolleyes:

  13. I couldn't resist..."truth goes in, lies come out...he can't explain that" :p
  14. I like how no one can provide proof for this.

    They just see a couple people with cards that don't look sick and assume.
  15. Bill is an entertainer...
    I find his shows hilarious...:)
    He is looking to provoke a reaction with his OTT performances...
    Sadly a lot of gullible people take his word as fact...:(

  16. Bill O'Reilly is the Jerry Springer of the news media circus...can't wait until we see the Congressional trailer-trash duking it out...:laughing::laughing::laughing::yay::metal::bongin::smoking::love:
  17. Smoke goes in, cancer comes out. You can't explain that.

  18. I can provide proof.


  19. Whenever someone justifies a set of beliefs with "that's just how he/she was raised," I translate that as, "he/she can't think for themselves."
  20. You're kind of wrong.

    Most people who obtain medical marijuana "aren't even sick" by the governments standards.

    If I get a headache, and medical marijuana cures that, then who the fuck are you to tell me that im not even sick.

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