Oregonized vs. Marijuana Time

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    Here it is:

    The Rules:
  2. Your not a real emcee, just a wanna be me with a keyboard and computer screen
    Fucking codeine fiend sucking dick in between puffin green mixed with nicotine and reading teen magazine
    Your probably not even eighteen, get the fuck off this site
    Start to write the truth about how you mma fights excite your sexual appetite
    You're the type of stingy bitch to steal a roach from my ash tray
    Hit ya with my counterplay, get you a spot in USATODAY “Oregon Child passes away from doobie laced with PCP spray ”
    I'm out of this world man, since my life span began the doctors did scans to see how I'm as fly as a fan
    I can't explain, I just am, born with the wisdom of the damned
    Devious thoughts the Devil crammed and diagrammed in my brain
    So one day I could obtain the White House domain, and reveal to the world this is Lucifer's reign
    Cocaine insanity, every line I spit should be considered profanity
    I could end humanity with 1 act of sanity
    The capacity of my reality is far beyond mortality
    You couldn't hide from my brutality with Gods confidentiality
  3. ill scramble your face like im scramblin eggs man your such a damaged disgrace,
    how could you manage to face the man demandin space where your standin in place,
    goddamn i got hot hands when off topic i pop rockets, drop logic thats non-profit,
    got hot toxins that cause a noxious gas pass and always problems that act masked,
    your dead not uncommon when half assed, i blast past and your stuck in last gassed,
    your flags at half mast deliverin signals to your homies, you officially dont know me,
    your fishin in a sea so lonley where its just me and you only, clap calibers to settle it,
    like fat battlers wrestlin you act amateur flexin and testing your elements its irrelevant,
    your head splits like watermelons squished, if i had your girl id probably sell the bitch,

    im to tired lol this was for shits and giggles anyway right? fun fun
  4. yep for the shits and gigs. :smoke: good verse. Anyone care to vote?
  5. I vote that what you guys just did was really gay.
  6. I hope your plant is male
  7. Marijuana Time wins, he finished his verse! Well, almost..

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