Oregon, webcams & my Bro

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  1. Well I know a few of you maybe actually just one, NUBBIN is/are from Oregon, and I know this because I was talking to you about Oregon, and if I forgot anyone else that I was talking to about Oregon, sorry, apparently, I forgot. Anyway, I just wanted to say that my brother had to move out there cause of a job, and he has met some awesome, awesome people since hes been there (3 weeks so far!) I miss him sooooo much but it makes me so happy to hear that people are treating him good!! he really is enjoying it there, altough you crazy Oregonys dont have, apparently, lestiol, russian dressing, bread (lol, we're from jersey/philly!) and there was something else, but I cant remember what it is at the moment...but he does, in fact love it there..I keep up with him with the webcam. Now, I DUNNO if any of you have a webcam, but this thing is the best thing since pussy. Pussy is far better, by far that is, but I dig the webcam. I also, like the salmon jerky he sent us...also I like long walks on the beach and sunsets.

    edit: & pussy.
  2. :p I live on the oregon coast!
    beach is right out my door:)
    rock on!:)
  3. aw, he sent pics of the coast..hes about an hour away..no sweat..sooooo pretty.
  4. we love our webcam!
  5. Got Oregon.... yes i do. =)


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  6. Hey, Oregon looks a lot like Alaska....
  7. i've been tryin to figure out how to put my location in...can't find the spot for it ANYWHERE...help me...I've lost too many brain cells to figure this out.... :p
  8. a pic of the beach out back:)

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  9. Wow so many people from Oregon on here its great! Wish id signed up sooner! Near Ontario here!:smoke:
  10. independence oregon right here :wave:
  11. Portland here!

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