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Oregon vs. Colorado

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SteveSoStoked, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I plan on moving to either one of these medical states, and want to know which one is better. Such as the costs of living, job opportunities, and of course mmj.
  2. Portland or or eugeune, im too high to type and explain why lol
    or boulder co i knew a girl from there
  3. You might get blasted for this thread being in the wrong section but between those choices it's no contest, CO. Colorado is slowly becoming MMJ HQ if not already.

    Also, make sure you have an approved ailment for medical cannabis in the state you choose.
  4. Personally I'd rock with colorado, perfect weather not to hot or to cold most of the time from what I hear. Good state economy, jobs are actually able to be found, cost of living is higher but that's only in big cities I'm assuming. Definitely where I'm going when I'm out of college :)
  5. I am from Texas and I wanna move to colorado so badly and hunt moose all day and smoke medical marijuana
  6. Colorado for sure, beautiful, beautiful state.
  7. Actually CO has unemployment in double digits just like the rest of the country. The cost of living in Denver is comparable to a city like Seattle.

    Just like anywhere though... You can find a place in your price range if you know where to look
  8. Colorado. Denver. I think it's legal for adults 21 and over to possess up to an oz for personal use.
    Oregon is Beautiful though, and I hope to move back there someday. They don't call it The Tree State for no reason ;)
  9. [quote name='"jzp233"']I am from Texas and I wanna move to colorado so badly and hunt moose all day and smoke medical marijuana[/quote]

    Dude I could never kill such a graceful animal,
  10. you can pick unmentionables out of your back yard in oregon :cool:
  11. Oregon has no sales tax so that's a + and it's relatively cheap to live in. Colorado does have sales tax though... so that sux. I love having no sales tax in Montana... the price it says is what you get. Colorado is really sweet though... i know many people all throughout the state. I need to visit some time haha. Oregon has cheaper weed though ill tell you that. $100-200/oz in oregon. It's $200-300/oz for most in CO. Same here in MT... i pick em up for 225/oz from one guy or 250-300/oz from everyone else.

    Ever consider Montana? Every body is hiring here... and we have medical marijuana too. It's just as dank as oregon, colorado, washington and cali.

    Colorado Springs looks legit.

    But so is Portland (metro area), Eugene, and Southern Oregon
  12. Portland, hands down. The weather is way milder than CO. Lol @ "not too hot not too cold" - that describes OR to a tee. CO...well if you are an Eskimo maybe. My Cali-born ass can barely handle the Boston winters, I can't imagine trying to deal with CO and all that snow/cold.
  13. Oregon rains all the damn time, gimme the snow any day.

    True fact: Denver has more sunny days per year than San Diego.
  14. #14 Nadroj, Nov 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2011
    You think it rains all the time in oregon... but it really doesnt man. NYC gets more rain than Seattle... and the rain in oregon and washington feels amazing... it's like a mist. usually doesn't have an impact on much haha... just feels like god is cumming all over you. :p

    I love living in Montana... where it's 90-100 degrees in the summers and 0-(-30+) in the winters.

    True Fact: The coldest temperature ever recorded in Montana was -70 degrees below zero at Rogers Pass north of Helena, on January 20, 1954. This is also a national record for the lower 48 states. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Montana was 117 degrees at Glendive, July 20, 1893, and at Medicine Lake, on July 5, 1937. "This is the most extreme temperature range experienced in any of the 50 states."

    Fun facts about The Big Sky
    Montanakids | Temperature Extremes

    and we got the worlds shortest river:

    Ive been to D river in Lincoln City and that bitch is SHORT haha. Flows right into the ocean...
  15. I have a friend in Portland who is constantly bitching about the rain and she moved there from upstate NY for her husband's job.
  16. Cool... why bitch when it makes the state as beautiful as it is... i would love to look at Mt. Hood every day. Mt. Rainier is better imo haha. Mt Baker is way dope too.

    I was born in Washington state right across the river from Oregon... only reason i favor oregon over colorado is because you literally have EVERYTHING from mountains to oceans... great, cheap, buds and amazing atmosphere. Colorado is great too... i know more than a few growers down there haha.
  17. You're going to be happy regardless of which state you choose.
  18. What ever you do, don't go to Maryland. The state fucking sucks.

  19. moose don't live here. lol. anyways, my vote is for CO though that's definitely biased. great weather most of the year on the front range; right now its 65 and sunny.
  20. I'd be insulted that California wasn't in this debate, but this place can be pretty expensive. Totally worth all the other factors of living here though, personally I wouldn't base my living location on weed alone, but anyone serious enough to go through with it probably doesn't do that anyways.
    Dude I'm so high I don't even care I finally picked up flowers for the first time in a month

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