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Oregon Smokeout

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke_the_dank, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Ive noticed alot of people on here from the pacific northwest, wich is no surprise. Would it be stupid to get all the members that have been here for a while together for a big ole smokeout? I would be down for about anything, but Im medical so, I dont have the paronia factor. It just seems like it would be sick to have a bunch of members get together and blaze and show off pieces or whatever.... what do you guys think?
  2. Tottaly man, we should do that, I have a few friends on Grasscity that would be down for that, peace guys
  3. fuckin burl. LMAO, im fuckin ripped on awesome hash right now, and this is just so overwhelmingly uplifting!

    we need to figure out who all will come, then we need to decide on a central location.
    and no fuckin moochin either, gotta bring some dank bud with you.

  4. For real man! I can get some shrooms, mayby cid, diffenatly DXM, fuck man, this will be nice, Kimper3787 says hes down ( my buddy Cary ) and a few of my bud's wanna come to...( buds as in "people" not pot ) anyway...if everyone wants to I can name off a few good spots to have this little shin-dig.....peace guys
  5. I'm down, but I wont be able to smoke with you guys or anything, but im down to go and jsut hangout. (Drug assesment in T minus 2 hours.)
  6. You might wanna keepthe local on the DL if you dont want the 5:0 to rain on your parade. There was gonna be a BBQ a while back but they had to cancel because they didn't keep it on the DL and the plans were getting way out of control. SO you should keep the plans small and simple and only discuss the place in PM's if I were you ;)
  7. We should all get togeatehr in a chat room and discuss on AIM or something.
  8. yea, the date and locale need to be hush hush...

    no way nubbin would ever come huh? seriously, nubbin is the reason I stayed on grasscity, too bad hes pretty much silent these days...

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