Oregon or Washington?

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  1. The wife and I have decided to medically retire to the Pacific Northwest and can't decide between the two. Of most importance is an ideal growing location for either state. Nothing too wet or mountainous just some great soil and good sunshine. We are looking for a few to ten acres in an area near some city that is not anti-marijuana. Just think if you could move there and grow where would it be? Any suggestions?
  2. hmmm i would just say oregon because im born and bred here. and as for specific location. how about around bend? it does not have the extreme weather swings that we have farther east, and its not as wet and humid as farther west is. and its def not anti weed
  3. thanks sundance we have sure considered Bend. It being small town atmosphere has been right up high on the list. Eugene seems like a fairly mild area too. right? I'm just recovering from a broken back and don't want too much snow to shovel. ha I've just got to get out of the bible belt with its' unfriendly laws and dry hot summers. thanks for the recommendation.
  4. hey Sun ,
    lookin to head back to the treasure valley ..how is it over there these days ? for growers in particular..

    to the OP if your lookin for great growing condition look into Ashland Oregon. kinda spendy , but lib atmosphere and great weather.

    the coast ( cept between Bandon and Brookings ) isn't great for growing.... acceptable .. but most plants have to be in by the first of Oct. or face mold issues.\

    another location you may want to consider is the Tri Cities area in Washington .. the Columbia keeps it warm for its latitude and you get the bonus of George in the Gorge...
  5. I like how you said "..decided to medically retire.." haha that's great, don't know much about the areas but I will visit them in the future, couldn't go wrong with either!
  6. Wharf I appreciate that advice. The Willamette Valley looks appealing in climate. I'm not looking for a spendy area or too touristy, just a quiet little farm to retire on. Just have a legal garden, a few chickens, a few dogs, a little steer every couple years, and some woods for firewood.
  7. jimbob, I get excited researching it. Too far from TX to drive over but planning on a fly out in the Spring to look around. The Eugene scene sounds almost too good.
  8. Well the fed are starting to hit Washington like they are California so I would stay away.
  9. Yeah, that's disappointing. I'm not into politics but Obama sure dropped the ball on this crackdown. I'm sure they'll be in Montana and Colorado too soon. Dirty bastards need to be after the crack dealers and meth cookers not medical marijuana patients. They still suffer from Reefer Madness.

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  10. There was a huge undercover operation that led to those raids....some clubs were selling upwards of 5 pounds to undercover officers, which is totally abusing the laws. Collective's aren't even supposed to carry more than 24 ozs here, but they all have pounds and pounds of multiple strains.

    Personally I still think the raids are bullshit, but they aren't going after people that are carefully following the guidelines and laws.
  11. I kinda want the big clubs to go down. They are in it for only money
  12. Still seems like the Portland area is drawing me like a moth to the flame. ha

    5 to 10 to 20 acres an hour or so out. I need room for my privacy and chickens and weed, oh my.
  13. Ashland,medford area is cool.
  14. hope you like rain
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    The wife is really set on being within an hr of Portland. I've been looking at Estacada and Sandy but I'd be happy further away. She likes the art and plays and shit like that. I'm happy up to my armpits in worm castings.
  16. Quick question Oregon blades. Does Oregon have dispensaries?? And doesn't Oregon accept out of state applicants for mmj?? Thanks
  17. I posted this info in the Medical Marijuana forum here but thought it might be of use to you in your decision making.


  18. Thanks Chunk for the info! Great help just trying to decide where to go to grad school and mmj would help me too
  19. A. Not officially ( but we keep trying each voting cycle). it is the only way for MMJ to go .. too many patients with out access to meds. My patients found me, not the other way around. Sadly lots of growers here are selling their gear out of state (in Cali)

    B. and yes we do accept out of state card holders.. your home address has nothing to do with the med care you receive in Oregon.:smoke:

    FYI ..Chunk, not many raids of dispensaries here..least that I have noticed :eek:

    the Feds just send letters to land lords threatening to seize property and file "accessory " charges( like what they did to your Gov.). No way to run a dispensary if you have no address.:( But if the dispensary in Ontario ( an extension office of Idaho) isn't getting raided............

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