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Oregon Indoor - Monster & g-13... NUTS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ar2orion11, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. g-13


    Monster (smells like sour skittles)

  2. Both look chronic for sure
  3. Fine looking meds you got.
  4. very nice sir
  5. Typical Oregon fire... as always. How much that run you? Cheap as fuck i know. $160-180/oz is my guess ;)
  6. yupppp i live in P-town and just got done with a batch of G-13 indoor, OH MY GOD!!! shit was cured and trimmed so well, had a bit of trich covered leaf on it but it deff. Added to the stonieness. Happy smokin blades, OREGON HAS THE DAAAANKEST AND CHEAAAPEST buds evvaaaa haha
  7. Dank ass buds
  8. Both look immaculate picked at the right time too it looks like. I live in portland and we gotta be the dankest every street smells like dank skunk. I think that only cali and colorado compete. Then again, I've been down to the bay area and I was smokin my outdoor oregon papaya for 40 an eighth and some mexican trailer park kids walked up (thought I was gonna get mugged) and said "shit we smelt what you were blowin and it smelt bomb". They took me back to their trailer and we smoked a couple bowls and they were like "you tryin to cop some grapes" I was like fuck yeah and this dude came over and was like smell that. I took a wiff and it had no smell and he was chargin 50 so I got the fuck outta there. I think sooner or later I woulda got jumped anyways. All I can say is 8 or 9 times outta 10 your not gettin it like we get it out here. Oh and of course dude gave me his whole ballin cali hustler routine on how he had to take this 1/8 out of his personal for this hookup and if he was to bring it up to oregon he would make a killing its like please I know plenty of chumps around here who do better than that and with every chump and their grandma havin dank here I think you wouldn't do any better them. Keep reppin oregon dankness
  9. Some fire nugs man. Yea man my friends in Oregon get bud for so cheap. An ounce of outdoor fire during harvest season is 75-100. A pie was a grand. Indoor runs 140-180. That's for premium quality, top shelf bud of course.

  10. Thanks for the story haha..
    And ya, glad you also have the hookup!
    I need to find some papaya!

  11. I dont know where in Oregon buds are that cheap..
    Mine run around 26 27 a p, or around 200 if you buy individual oz..

    Outdoor is anywhere from 15-25 for a P, cheaper if you know someone of course

    Thanks for the comments
  12. Both the G13 and the Monster look amazing!!!

    I've had Mr. Nice Guy, and Purp Mr. Nice, which has G13 in it, but i've never had G13 on it's own. 3 questions, how does it smell, and how does it smoke? Plus, do you know the genetics behind Monster? can't say i've heard of it until now.

    Looks like my neighbor Oregon is up to its usual dank-osity :hello:

    +rep for pristine danK :smoke::wave:
  13. You idahoan's are surrounded by fire... Montana, Washington and Oregon. Im sure you guys get flooded with dank as well haha... actually i know you do :cool:

    Wish you guys would just join and get mmj as well. The entire northwest would have it. Talk about a MECCA.
  14. [quote name='"ar2orion11"']

    I dont know where in Oregon buds are that cheap..
    Mine run around 26 27 a p, or around 200 if you buy individual oz..

    Outdoor is anywhere from 15-25 for a P, cheaper if you know someone of course

    Thanks for the comments[/quote]

    Eugene prices from a close friend who's usually doing 5 and 10 packs. He's related to a huge grower.
  15. Wish I could wake and bake with your nuggies this morning!
  16. Definitely indoor, trim job gets a 9/10, bud 8/10!
  17. Lol, you said it smelled like sour skittles. I'm actually eating some right now, and smelt the bag of them, then looked at the bud at the same time, and pretended I was smelling it. Thanks for the weird experience OP
  18. I'd love to be an ant crawling around in the second picture! LOL !
  19. I hear about unreal good prices in Portland but the rest of Oregon has the dank just not nearly as good of prices. Portland is the best for that bar none. I get my good outdoor buds for 50 a half Oscar and that's the only kind of bud I like getting unless it's a 20 of indoor I won't spend no more than that on it. The outdoor bud I get from back east is really good so I don't need to. I would like to get my hands on some real g-13 again Oregon style. The g-13 I used to get smelt like straight b.o

  20. Id have to disagree with you, Portland has higher prices than anywhere ive gotten bud from in Oregon. It has to do with there being a greater population needing more and more. As for the location im from the grower/smoker ratio is much higher than in portland which = lower cost of buds.

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