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Oregon Hydro Bubba Kush 10/10

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ar2orion11, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. The deepest stankiest bud ive ever had. The most perfectly grown, chopped, trimmed and cured bud ever. In my opinion

  2. some killa for sure man
  3. Fire. My people trim it to perfection to tell you the truth... but that BK is dank as fuck with the leaves. BK is amazing... i remember buying a half eighth of some from my friend a couple years ago... shit was so stanky... and back then i was just used to seeing homegrown chronic that was a step below (high mids/low dank). Worst part about it is that i had to wait a week to smoke the remaining 1.*g because i flew to AZ for Easter haha.

    O yeah... and how much did you grab?
  4. Some fiyah, but not even close to some bud I have seen on this forum, appearance wise.
  5. Any kind of bubba kush is good imo... :smoke:

    Who cares... i know the Purple Urkle i have right now is much better trimmed than this shit but sometimes having that little bit of leaf adds a touch of stoniness that makes the high better :hello:

    Here's some Bubba Kush i got last fall from my bro for free... he just signed up with his caregiver and got his free quarter... he handed me this .7 nug and another .7 nug of Atomic Northern Lights x Shiskaberry


    Good shit. And it was free so i was not complaining... i love my broski.
  6. Holy shit dude, that is some flame you got there! :yummy:
  7. Looks like some pretty good bubba.
  8. looks like some purple bubba or strawberry cough
  9. Maybe not trimmed to perfection, but who cares. Looks like some DANK son
  10. Oh my:eek:
    I'm in Oregon, and I have some Bubba, but not like that!

  11. Last run was very purple....
    And this run has some purple throughout the veins and hearts of the nuggs

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