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Discussion in 'General' started by k70k, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I'm moving out to Bend on Monday from Erie Pa :hello:
  2. Nice! Never been to Bend, but I've heard it's beautiful out there.

    I'm a Portlander, myself. You're going to love it here. At least, I hope you do anyway, because I love it here. :p
  3. I love Oregon, being from Van city, portland is close. I'd always make trips to skateboard some of portlands 40 concrete skateparks. Minimum wage is huge in oregan, 9.00$? Everyone i ever met from oregon LOVES it.

  4. LOL, min wage is 7.80, second highest in the nation behind our northern neighbor Washington...Oregon is the best state is the country people. No doubt. I live an hour from the beach (get to drive it every day), and hour from somewhere between 3-7 major mountains...portland is becoming a bigger city, it has always had a weird, but cool appeal...the suburbs are the suburbs but go down to central oregon...eugene and over east to bend and west to the coast the central is just as awesome, too...south is even tight, but i dont get down there much. We have deserts in the east, too. Youll like Bend man. If youre ever in Eugene holla. Oh, and this girl i know is in bend for the summer...haha thatd be crazy if you randomly met her.

  5. Actually I think minimum wage is 7.80 right now. I believe Oregon has the second highest minimum wage, behind Washington. Don't quote me on that though. :p
  6. I was just out in bend a couple months ago, very nice place. I dont know how anyone wouldnt like it out there.
  7. cant wait till it snows thats the main reason im moving out there
  8. Bends pretty cool. I always stay at the Riverside hotel there when I pass through to Lincoln City. Anyone been there? Its a great place.
  9. Ya I used to go there ALL the time...now i work about an hour south of there. Lincoln city is one of the best beaches here behind like seaside and maybe newport.
  10. im pumped i leave in two days
  11. here's a heads up for ya. the reason oregon's minimum wage is so high is because the cost of living is high, really high. whatever you're paying for goods and living expenses now, add on at least 15-20%. i wanted to get my motorcycle endorsement put on my drivers license, they wanted friggin $80.00!!! (could have been a little less, but not much.) another example, i like "simply orange" orange juice. it cost a frigging $1.25 more for the same quart size. one other thing, oregon has a "HUGE" crack problem. but, i love it there too. will be moving back soon.

  12. CRACK? You must be crazy foo. there are crackheads everywhere in the world, but its not a problem here...METH, now thats a problem, meth has fucked us up, but w/e oregon still owns...OH, and our weed is pretty cheap, and we always have dank...and ya, we have a high cost of living, but thats what happens when you want a high quality of living

  13. my bad!! that's correct sir!! but it doesn't matter, same problem for all "non-crameth" people. (remember you heard that word here first.) i like the names of the cities in oregon. meth-ford and kla-meth-falls. lol!!
  14. Haha its funny you talk about the names of our cities, i always think about how we jacked other cities names. FOR INSTANCE. Portland was named after the two founders flipped a coin, the winner got to name the city. The man who won wanted to name it portland after portland, maine, the one who lost wanted to name it after boston. Haha, what if it was boston, oregon. Haha. Anyways and then in state city names we stole:

    Kansas City

    LOL, its just kinda crazy. Im prolly forgetting some, too.
  15. well my radiator blew in rock springs wyoming
  16. bummer man. hope all goes well. don't pick up hitch hikers!!!
  17. bend is awsome everyone rides bikes or longboards
  18. oregon is the shit. anybody who disagrees has never been there. the weed is amazing and the people are hella chill. fuck yeah to oregon!
  19. I live in Eugene, Oregon but personally this place bores the fuck out of me. The only good thing here imo is the weed.
  20. its only boring if you make it boring. you can have a hella fun and interesting time if ya want, especially if youre blazedd. after moving to texas (no disrespect) i realized how much oregon fucking rocks. at least back home i had chronic and good prices and i could walk places, here in this town there arent even any fuckin sidewalks and no one walks, not to mention its brown and the water tastes bad... so yeah oregon is the shit.

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