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Discussion in 'General' started by Bravedave, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Traveling to Portland on Friday. First destination has me driving along Columbia river. I see a couple places online and wondered if anyone had suggestions. Looks like Shango and Ascend are along the way. Do any sell seeds?
  2. i dont think any of them sell seeds but you can buy clones
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  3. I would like to say one thing about Oregon dispensaries, it's not so much about them but their edible laws. 50mg per package is a joke. They have chocolate bars for 30$. When I was there in May it took me a couple days to realize there was a state law limiting dosing. The "bud tenders" looked at me a little wierd when I explained 50mg was less than a dose I was used to for eating
  4. Prices seem a bit high for bud too. Higher than CO in any case.
  5. Yea I agree. I only stopped at 2 different dispensaries. It was my first dispensary visit and left me a little wanting. One thing I did like is their cartridges. They had tons of choices, I learned how much of a cbd fan I was after getting some 1:1 ratio cartridges.
  6. :). I visited my first a month ago in CO. As I have been smoking nothing but indicas for years I wanted to try Sativa's and got 4, 1/8s. (4 different flavors) Much more than I needed for the weekend. All had higher %s than anything I just saw on the Ascend website and all were less than $20 an 1/8.

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