Oregon - Contaminated Extracts Recall!

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  1. I'm upset because this sort of thing happens so often, but I am thankful that they catch them!

    Oregon Issues Recall for Marijuana Extract Products
    Oregon Issues Recall for Marijuana Extract Products

    PORTLAND — The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has issued a mandatory recall for several marijuana products due to the potential presence of pesticides.

    The OLCC in a press release Friday, Dec. 2, reported the possible marijuana product contamination is a result of failure to follow OLCC and Oregon Health Authority rules for tracking and isolating marijuana products where the presence of pesticides has been detected.

    This recall has been issued for 9,300 units that were on the market and affects 13,600 units sold to consumers. The OLCC is issuing the recall to ensure that licensees do not sell, and customers do not consume the products because OLCC investigators cannot determine if the potential contamination is isolated or is widespread.

    The recalled products are concentrated forms of psychoactive THC; they range from inhalable items, including jars of THC extract and THC vape cartridges, to an ingestible form of THC known as Rick Simpson Oil.

    The recall is for the marijuana products that OLCC licensees manufactured under the trade names Bobsled and Quantum Alchemy. For a list of the products and images with the full OLCC press release, visit:
    shorturl.at/ahpAN (snipped)

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