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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xer087, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. have you ever smoked oregano
  2. nope cant say that i have. Never heard it could give you a buzz or anything. However i also heard that if you smoke nutmeg it can make you trip..
  3. are you serious
  4. my friend once got so desperate for weed he smoked oregano but nothing happened i think
  5. yeah im serious, i wouldn't shit you, your my fav. turd!
  6. omg thats so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    - doesnt even omg that was stupid
  7. I've never smoked oregano, but I do know that if you smoke a joint rolled with a mixture of rosemary leaves and thyme leaves you will get soooooooo ripped, especially if you chase it with a bong-load or two of sage.

    A potent mixture but the munchies are a bitch, all you crave is chicken.

  8. No but i've sold it b4 as weed :D
  9. never smoked it, never sold it.

    doubt your costumer-base grows much when u sell oregano eh ?: P
  10. nutmeg you have to eat, its nasty (i'd imagine) and i heard its a scary trip and you feel really sick, not even worth it. i have cut a bag with oregano and sold it, but it was to a kid that i strongly dislike lol
  11. me and my brother were really drunk and bored once, so where we would usually have smoked a bowl of weed, we decided it would be a good idea to smoke some mixed herbs :D

    of course, i didn't expect to feel anything. but i packed that bong, and took a nice hit. mmmmm.. tasted nice lol. but a waste of time, and valuable lung tissue ;)
  12. 3 letters: LOL
  13. more like WTF
  14. hahaha, only once. me and my friend and his bro and friends and shit all rolled up some oregano, and then went into the middle of town and just walked around smoking them. it was dope, we kept offering everyone tokes and we got some many wierd looks.

    we were hoping police would come and find out we were smoking oregano, but nope, it didnt happen.
  15. I don't smoke it, but i use P-73 research grade oil of oregano extract as a herbal suppliment. Oregano is an extremely effective antiviral/antibiotic. It's claimed it's the strongest known to man and supposedly kills off all kinds of nastys without severely disrupting the acidophilus (good bacteria) that helps you digest food.

    All my life i've had severe seasonal allergies, and i found out that OOO P73 was supposed to be an effective cure for allergy sufferes. I picked upa bottle from GNC, and i began using 2 drops under the tongue daily during allergy season here. Since i began taking it i haven't had a single allergic episode, and even my allergy to raw onions was signficantly lessened to where i can now eat small quantities of 'em without feeling like i'm dying

    Oreagno OWNS!!!
  16. nope, ive never smoked it. i do know this kid who rips some other kids off with it, though.

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