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ordor proplems

Discussion in 'Security' started by wolfman414, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I have about 4 ball jars in my room 1 oz in each.. and my mother claims to be smelling something like weed. I denied its weed, like usual cause i know she dose not agree with the movement or my legal patient use. Any way I have a adjustable air freshener in the room and she still saying this. What can I do I never open the containers in here, is even glass to permeable for 4 oz? would getting a mini fridge work better?
  2. she can't smell the weed...she lying.if u a legal user she prolly jus assumin u have weed n keep mentioning a smell to express displeasure n in hopes u dnt have it in tha house.....jus my thoughtz
  3. I'm guessing you're not actually a medical patient, and that you may or may not be under 18..

    the spelling/grammar errors :(

    I doubt that it would smell, unless your pieces smell or something.

    Maybe she just tryna bust you
  4. Im 23 i cant spell or type well. but I got A's in speach, and all my oral presentations. I have extreme difficulty communicating through writing. any way I have no pieces I roll joints outside that's it. I only live here because the college i attend is down the street. She hasn't seen me high nor have i been high around them in 2yrs.
  5. fair enough but...........she still cant smell that weed through glass jars.though it could be your clothes.though to test the theory u cld try keepin tha weed sum place else n i bet she will still "smell" it,try it.
  6. Haha i will do that. good idea.
  7. Are the jars air tight?Have you thought about vaccum sealed bags?you can't go wrong with those...used to transport large amounts in cars.

  8. A glass mason jar will do much better than vacuum sealed bags assuming the jars are actually air tight. Make sure they have the rubber seal at the top. If they do, then I'd agree with the others that you mom is lying. lol. I have mine in mason jars and don't smell anything unless I open them to burp them.
  9. If you use this:


    Or one of those smell proof baggies (they are surprisingly effective and have many different sizes, they're called smelly proof)

    That plus a mason jar would be impervious to noses everywhere, but I'm betting that she smells it on your clothes, joints are rather fragrant
  10. how's it working out??
  11. yeah i kept it in another location and she said she can smell it in my room and in the bathroom. she said that right after i took a steamy shower so. i think she is just trying to bust me.
  12. try placing a couple nugs above the ceiling vent then move all your weed stuff somewhere else and let her search your whole room and when she doesnt find anything she wont be able to use the smell against you anymore.

  13. lol indeed....u can relax nw jus dnt be sloppy

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