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Discussion in 'Security' started by Reeferman6, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. what are the best and securest sites you guys have ordered from? im lookin for online seeds but the ones i have found rip people off
  2. Most people here will tell you to use ATTITUDE seed bank

    I personally love The Single Seed Centre .... good prices, 100% germination on all seeds ive gotten from them (over 50) and amazing customer support.
  3. The attitude....very good service...one thing I always do and I'm not sire why some people never get their orders I always pay the extra ten bucks or whatever to get gauranteed delivery...attitude rocks..

    Single seed centre is good also, I've ordered from single then I've ordered the same strain from attitude I believe attitude came a little quicker, I'm waiting now for an order any day now
  4. I just ordered from SSC so far so good they sent me my tracking number today.
  5. I will admit maybe SSC isnt the fastest, but ive never waited longer than 10 days for any of my 5 or 6 orders that I have placed with them.

    What really drives me to go with the single seed centre, is their customer service. I've had about 50 seeds sends to me, first time i belive it was shippers fault, package was broken, a seed had been crushed. I emailed them a story of what happened, within 2 hours i got confirmation email giving me a choice of them sending another of the same seed, or giving me a coupon for their website thats worth the amount of the seed.

    Second time i think it was on their end, but one of my seeds came crushed again. I emailed them with 2 pictures of the seed, and again within 3-4 hours, I was prompted with the same option as before.

    Very friendly, and quick to responding. They are a very legitimate business
  6. I'm new and I ordered from ssc. Came in the mail bout three weeks later . So far so good got my babies flowering as we speak!;)
  7. Attitude or Single Seed Company. Both very good services.

    Attitude deliever in around 1-3 days to the UK and around 3-7 days internationally.

    Not sure about delivery times for SSC company as only used them a couple of times
  8. SSC took 3 weeks 2 deliver to the east coast. USA
  9. three weeks :eek:? Damn I'd go crazy waiting that long, how you do it?:confused:

    Then again if I had to wait longer for my seed shipments I'd probably wouldn't order as often and would have more $$
  10. Lol! Yea man it's just my first grow so I was more paranoid and anxious! I smoked way more meds then normal those few weeks! Lol could of spent that med money on a exuast cause my room is getting hot as shit! Lol

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