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  1. Where's the best/easiest place to order shatter online in the G.T.A?
  2. I don't order shatter online but from time to time I order some buds if I wanna try something different.

    Start by googling websites in Canada that offer shatter and compile a list. Then search for reviews for each website as and try to base your decision off of that as not all the sites are as reliable as the others.

    It's always a gamble because packages can go missing from time to time so you want to find a site with good customer support as well.

    Another option would be to check out all the local dispensaries in the gta because some still sell shatter.

    Happy Toking :)

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  3. Why do Billy's buy weed/shatter online? Just go to a dispensery or use a dealer :confused_2:
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    Doesn't make any sense just go and see a dealer or go to a dispensary billy.

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