Ordering setup, what do y'all think?

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  1. I'm about to order my first setup, and wanted to run it by y'all and see if I'm overlooking anything.

    The garden will be in the basement, with ambient daytime temps of 75° and 80% humidity.

    "Tent" will 4x4x8 , and will be diy'd from 1x1 wood and plywood, and wrapped in panda film.
    1000W dimmable, air cooled mh/hps
    T5's for seedlings
    Vivosun 6" 440CFM for hood
    Vivosun 6" 440 CFM with filter for tent
    Passive intake
    There is a central ac duct I can tap into with a 4" booster fan if temps are too high.

    Planning to SCROG 5 Critical Jack in 5 gal fabric pots, in organic super soil

    Am I going to have to come up with a plan for the humidity, or will it be lower inside once everything is up and running?

    Are my plans for ventilation/temps sufficent?
  2. Are they autos or are you growing veg and flower in the same area? I didn’t see partition mentioned.
  3. i would defintley have the filter located up higher so its pulling hot air and dumping it out the tent. the negative pressure should pull in the cooler basement air from outside the tent if you have a vent/screen open. usually basements stay cooler and with a small grow like that you shouldnt need AC but i would still route the passive intake to the AC in the house for the cooler air. Your tent will be dumping hot air into the basement dont want to pull that right back in.

    using that old school light set up you will generate alot more heat than LEDs.
    You are defintely going to need a way to manage your humidity. if its that humid already, I would look into a dehumidifier.
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  4. If you haven't bought your light yet, LEDs are preferred by most people.
    There's less heat to worry about, and the spectra are usually better.
    Avoid the older blurples, and consider some Quantum Boards or COBs.

    When the temp rises to around 80 F, the humidity will go way down, probably into the 60s where it should be.
    You're lucky to have that humidity.
    I'm running as many as 4 humidifiers to keep mine in the upper 60s during early veg in hydro.
    Google Vapor Pressure Deficit chart.
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  5. interesting, I end up with higher humidity when it gets hotter in my room.
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  6. If you get higher humidity when the temp rises in your room, it's because more water vapor also entered your room.
    Kinda like when hot summers are more humid than cold winters.

    Hot air can hold more water vapor than the same volume of cold air.
    If a batch of cold air has 100% humidity, it holds 100% as much water as it can without being super-saturated.
    If that batch of air is raised 20 degrees, the hotter air will be able to hold more moisture, and it won't be holding 100% as much water vapor as it can.
    That means the humidity has fallen to below 100%.
    The same argument applies to any starting relative humidity value.

    Higher humidity from an ultrasonic humidifier will also lower tent temp a bit.
    This type puts out a fog consisting of tiny water droplets.
    As those droplets evaporate, they absorb heat (heat of vaporization), which lowers temp.
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  7. i ran this setup,
    its seems legit..
    the only thing is ya basement is as hot as what you want it inside the tent..

    i found with 1000w air cooled sunsytem xxxl light it worked best when i pulled in outside air of around 13/14 degrees.. that gave me great temps.. i also against best advice cooled my lamps with outside air.. .. i had an 8inch cooled hood .. an 8inch extraction and a 6inch intake. it worked like a dream and i got 20oz from it using sour diesel scrogged in soil.

    if you have the space expand the space ex0and to 1.5x1.5 it will do your enviroment the world of good. its just slightly bigger but trying to heat that little extra space is just that bit harder and works in your favour
  8. If you haven't purchased the light and all the extra fans and ducting and cool tubes etc I would say forget all of that and get yourself a 600W quantum board setup. That will easily replace a 1000W in a 4x4

    No ducting
    No cool tubes
    No multi fan setup with hoods etc.
    Much less wasted space

    All that is gonna eat up valuable space in a 4x4.

    Far more manageable heat
    Better spectrum
    Power saving

    You save yourself 40% on the power draw immediately right out the gate, and that's if you run your QB's at 100%. Run them a little bit less even less draw. And the more manageable heat means even less draw on the exhaust end of things, no fan setup running 24/7 or AC needed. I don't use AC anymore.

    I've grown a long time. I wish quantum boards had been around when I started. There is nothing old school HIDs offer at this point other than heating a room that may stay too cold.
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  9. im from outside the us and we are asvised that brands such as heliospectre.. spectrum king hacienda mygro ect are not replacements yet for hps. what are these quantum boards .. do you agree with the current advice i recieve on them brands.
  10. Yes, I agree with those you listed. Not a replacement.

    Quantum Boards are a whole 'nother world my friend. They are most definitely a replacement for HID. QB's use top bin Samsung diodes that dust those blurple LEDs

    My clones the night they were put into 5 gallon bags. Notice the nice daylight spectrum. July 8th (they took about another 5 days to get rooting and start growing) :

    Five nights ago (about one month):

    That was running them at less than 50% draw for the last month, so 900W or less spread across 36 sq ft. 25W/sq ft or less.

    Some of my last round (keep in mind I had a massive P deficiency which can stunt flower size) :




    I easily got over 2 grams per watt last round with little effort, no real defoliation or pruning to speak of, just let them go. I actually ended up "tossing" over 14 oz into the hash pile because I was sick of trimming and wasn't stoked on the smell of the one strain (C99xBlueberry)

    These are most definitely not like any of those you listed. We can help you find the right lights if you are interested. No one here wants to steer you wrong. I only advise this because they are simply the best option out there. And if you add up all the extra stuff you need like reflectors, fans, hoods and ducting, plus the ballast and light, I bet you would be roughly around the same price point.
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  11. they look lovely mate.. and im a samsung fanatic lol.. i have a room in mind with 2 x 1000w hps i would be willing to swap out one hps to start with as over here im still dubious. i know in usa they are highly rated. stuff normal ends up here in he end anyway.. what is a direct replacement and cost for a 1000w hps
  12. I've not yet come across Quantum Boards. They look expensive up front, but looks like I could save some $ from diy. I'm pretty electrically handy, so think I could handle that. Any particular thread that's good for a newbie?
  13. Of course, understood. It always seems like someone is up-selling.
    And of course, I don't know what your prices over there might be like compared to here so you would want to check it out first obviously.

    I can link you directly to HLG. They are the guys who first put these Samsung diodes onto these circuit boards, and really started the craze.

    Horticulture Lighting Group Premium LED Grow Lights for Agriculture

    Myself, I buy from Alibaba. I have a contact at Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co that I trust and use fairly often, so I save a fair bit. They are the same boards, same diodes, just cheaper.

    A 600W qb panel set (2x300 W boards, each board with 800 diodes) was about $800 Canadian, then I had customs. Came to about $850-870 a set going thru Alibaba. I bought 3 sets.

    My 1000W, with HPS/MH bulbs, and ballast, plus cool tube, plus ducting, plus extra fan was about $550-600 CDN or so all said and done. You have two fans in your projected setup, I believe I read. Add in the extra power consumption, and not needing to replace bulbs every year or so, and you get the savings back rather quickly. Add in also the heat reduction, better spectrum etc and it's no comparison. Quantum boards are rated in the 30000-50000 hrs of life range when they calculate efficiency loss, and at those hours, they are still upwards of 85%+ of their original efficacy. HID don't even come close to that.
    And NO BALLAST FANS. Man, I could barely hear myself think in my old room, the quiet alone is worth it.

    But check around. HLG is no longer the only kid on the block. I believe there are also some Australian sources now creating their own Quantum Board LED kits and/or teaming up with HLG to source for people in Australia/New Zealand etc.

    Just a quick search, found this:

    Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 135 Watt Quantum Board DIY LED Grow Light Kit - Quick Bloom Lights

    No need to pay for ridiculous shipping customs etc.

    They are not cheap, but the old adage "you get what you pay for" really means something with these.
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  14. are the hlg what you arw using? also what are the top brands using the samsung diodes. im gonna have a quick look now
  15. OK I may have confused OP with another poster lol!
    Points still stand. We can point anyone where they need to go.

    There are tons of threads in here, I am having a hard time finding the best one lol!
  17. I am technically using "knockoffs", even though they are the real deal, real Samsung chips. I bought from Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co on Alibaba, I used Rita Fang as my seller. Totally happy with it.

    The model I use are called Fotop 600H. They have 700 Samsung 'daylight' diodes, and 100 Epistar far red diodes per panel, to enhance flowering.

    I helped another friend on here, he went with a company called Kingbrite on Alibaba and was very happy with the transaction as well.
    Three Alibaba companies I have used or considered using:

    Shanzhen Meijiu Lighting Co

    Search any of those under the Supplier tab and it should take you to their company profile.

    Otherwise, HLG is always reliable. A little more expensive, but you have the comfort of not dealing with Alibaba should anything go wrong.

    There are a couple other domestic sources popping up as well, so I'd hunt around. I have one on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of it right now.

    Another option is eBay. You can get many of the lights on Alibaba, thru eBay and then you have eBay's transaction protections should anything go hinky or if you get a defective unit.
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  18. thankyou for your advice. quite pleasantly suprised with your crop using them.. they look nice and will deffo give one a try
  19. Looking at this on Alibaba now.
    Wholesale hlg 600h lighting led Fotop Samsung lm301b high ppfd full spectrum waterproof grow tents led light From m.alibaba.com

    Why the huge swing in prices from the same company?

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