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  1. lol idk just woke up one day wake and baked then came to the conclusion that i want to start a "little" grow room in a cabinet that i have in ma household. i know nothing on how to grow. well now i do because of this very helpful site and plan on staying here.lol but besides the point can i order seeds to the u.s? probably not but idk wortha try thats why im askin this forum. help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Id go with Dr. Chronic seeds

    Yea U.S. folks will receive them from many sites, customs might find your package but its a plant, stand for it bro.
  3. http://www.drchronic.com/
    this is my personal favorite and yes he does ship to usa
    so keep it on the d low if u know wut i mean
    now choose wisely and tell us wut kind of seeds u get
  4. If you want the most choice and a little more info on the strain itself go to Seedbay. They sell good Nirvana seeds cheap as fuck there I guess 'cause it's run by Gypsy Nirvana lol?!?!11.. But for reliability go to Dr Chronic he comes through 99% of the time, and the 1% isnt even his fault its customs. If you wanna order directly from a breeder then go to Highgrade-seeds.com
  5. Gotta say... I've pulled from drchronic and seedbay... I usually recommend seedbay due to the variety and pricing along with weekend specials they run.

    But I also highly stick by drchronic...I bought one of his Dr Chronic's Revenge strains and I mean that fucker ROCKED... way better results than the seeds I got from the bay which were straight up Serious Seeds Chronic...

    Choice is yours, both rock.
  6. Im in the U.S.A Does this matter at all?
  7. well like people said you could get them caught at customs and you'd get no beans and a letter and that's about it as far as I know, people order to the US all the time.
  8. on the Docs website under FAQ it says they do not ship where possession of seeds is illegal...so how/why are they shipping to the US?

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