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  1. I've read on this forum that someone said that it isnt safe to order the seeds to the address that your going to be growing them, but instead of another address? should i get a PO box? or like order it to my friends house and just have him give them to me later on?
  2. Well, rule one is that no one else know you are growing. So a friend receiving them is a possible leak down the road.

    I prefer not to deal with a PO box at an actual post office. Instead, check your phone book, most towns have little pack and ship places that rent a PO box to you at their location...the ones here give you a Suite number instead of a PO box number...feels pretty legit.

    HTH, OGH
  3. just have them sent to your home. the WORST thing i've ever heard happen is that your beans get snagged at customs and you get an empty package with a note informing you of this. i've never heard of anyone getting raided or busted yet.

    i've done 2 orders at gypsy nirvana and 3 at dr chronic all sent to my home quickly and without a hitch. the ONLY real problem i had was the stress i endured the two weekls i waited for my gypsy order after they stopped doing CC ordering. i was used to getting orders in under a week and after about 16 days with no notice or anything, i started getting restless, but the order eventually arrived just fine.

    the most important thing i could think to tell you is don't order from canada as the US govt. has it's foot up canada's ass and they don't want to do buisiness here anyways even though i suspect they still do.

    the US ILLEGALLY crossed canada's border and arrested seedbank owner marc emory whose records got siezed and he wound up in court. does anyone know if he's still on trial?

    just order from the UK or the netherlands and you should be OK.

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