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  1. How do you guys pay when ordering seeds?? I'm hella impatient I feel like sending cash would take forever lol. Just hoping to get some ideas on the best way to go about it.... was gonna place an order with nirvana.
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  2. Btw I'm in USA. Looks like some websites won't even ship here..
  3. PayPal, but they try to keep it hush hush. PM me i will tell you who, if you want to know. I'm trying to keep it quiet so I can use pp again with them.
  4. I use a USA Credit Card at either, The Single Seed Center, Bonza, MSNL, or True North..You must tell the CC company to allow International charges for X days and X dollars, and they will allow it.
    I think that ILGM and Crop King take them too. All mentioned are in the UK except True North and Crop King (Canada), and ship to the US with stealth (usually an xtra charge)
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  5. I'd also like to know which companies use PayPal, safest way to shop online!

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  6. I've used Nirvana and Single Seed Center both without problems. Takes about 20+ days to get to where I live in the United States (Southern)

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  7. If you want faster seeds, buy from a US bank or breeder. Growers Choice ships from CA. Mephisto ships from CO. I've gotten seeds from both, but haven't planted them. A couple of US banks that look ok (but I've not used them) are Southern Oregon and Bud Aroma (Denver).
  8. Errr,
    Bud Aroma appears to be scamming peeps according to threads on GC..Careful!
    Legit ones in USA include: Greenpoint Seeds (Colo), Seendherenow (oregon: expensive). I have used both albiet a few months ago with no issues.
  9. Royal queen seeds. Ship world wide. Take debit / credit cards , transfer, paypal , and more. Super discreet and best quality seeds
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  10. Since when are they world wide? I thought they don't ship to the states.

    Grow journal
  11. I thought they did ??

    But i may be wrong obv im not in tge states
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  12. Can you pay with a credit card on green point seeds?
  13. Last time I used them you could (last March I think)
  14. I just became a member so my reply is a little late . There is a currency online called bitcoin. It will cost extra money to get the desired amount for instance, $125 will cost you around $150, and is a bit of a pain in the ass to set up a wallet, but most of these seed banks take it and it is untraceable like cash, and it is getting harder to find seed banks that take credit cards. Nirvana does not ship to the US. I tried there first. I ordered from Herbies Head Shop. My seeds arrived in a week. Very discrete shipping and helpful customer service. Tracking is also available and I put tracking on mine. They do not put their name or return address on the package so no one knows what is coming. I dont know if they take credit cards but I wouldnt order with a credit card (too easy to track your purchases). Hope this helps you.
  15. growers choice....enough said
  16. Thanks for the reply even if it is late lol, I ended up ordering from South Oregon seeds. Sent cash and it only took a week altogether to get my seeds in hand, and also tracked it. Northern lights and g13 baby :) barely germinated northern lights. The g13 was a Barneys Farm brand. I even talked to the dude who runs it to change a typo on order, seems hella cool
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  17. Thats great that you got started. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for the info. I may check them out myself. It is always good to hear from people who order seeds so I know the legit banks. Not like I can call the police and tell them I got ripped off ordering cannabis seeds, lol.
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