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Ordering seeds to PA

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by I triumph, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Are seeds allowed to be shiped any1 in america?

    well how about PA

    is there some where i can check to see the states rules for this shit
  2. You can check norml.org for the laws of the individual states. However, I am afraid that you will find that the seeds are considered an illicit substance.

    You will find many seedbanks that are willing to ship to the US. If the seedbank is operating in a legal jurisdiction where seeds are legal (UK and Netherlands come to mind) then sending seeds to you is completely legal for them.

    Use a safe address. Do not send the seeds to where you grow. Establish a junk mail alter-ego at the safe address by entering contests, and giving that alternate name and address to shops fishing for marketing information when you make cash purchases. (all computer shops seem to want to have your name and address) A safe address allows for plausible deniability should anything happen.

    A little preparation is good for your peace of mind.

    Good Luck,


  3. of course its not legal but the worst that could happen is u dont get your seeds you wont get arrested...unless your buying thousands of seeds. I live in PA and i ordered seeds a few months ago... try weedseeds.net, they have good selection,good prices and i received my order in like five days. they are also very inconspicuously ''is that even a word?'' packed. check em out
  4. not to get off subject but if you have bought seeds w/ a credit card what did it display as in the statement??
  5. why cant you kids just read previous forums about seeds shipped to the u.s.? why does it matter what it says on your statement, are you going to use someone else's card? have you used a credit card before, it will say where you purchased from but not what your purchased. Come on guys put in a little effort and research and then when done reading every you can possibly read then asked a question you know no one has asked yet, but if you read a little i promise your question'swill get answered brother
  6. ^^ Well put.

    I would suggest using a fake name on the shipping though.

    Or you could ship to a known vacant location , I.E. house or apt. that is unoccupied.

  7. I sent mine to a friend. I just told him it was a pipe and didn't want my parents accidently stumbling upon it. As long as your friend aint growing trees himself it will be all good.

    I'm also a PA resident btw
  8. That site is coming up as a blank URL for me, did you do it right.
  9. That site is coming up as a blank URL for me, did you do it right

    WWW.weed-seeds.net my fault

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