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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever ordered seeds through the mail and have had the package opened by the Department of Agriculture?

    This recently happened to me. The DOA removed the seeds and sent me a form explaining what they had done. I suppose I am now on some list, since I had the seeds sent to my home address.

    Any comments would be appreciated.....
  2. Woah, what list?
  3. Ordering seeds online is completely safe as long as you do not send them to the address of your grow. My advice would be Attitude Seeds. They are completely safe and totally recommended. Just remember, do not take the risk of using your grow-op address.
  4. What, what website did u use
  5. I suppose I made a first time "newbie" mistake, by sending them to the grow address. The seeds were ordered from Nirvana
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    Thats crazy i heard nirvana was very discreet, geusse it was just bad luck idk but yeah ship to a freinds house that u trust
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    scan the letter and post.

    it is very easy to say, "I did not order those seeds, must have been fraud." Reason I say this is I know for a fact that you can

    A. get a prepaid credit card in someone else name and place order.
    B. Intercept the package before owner gets it
    C. Send the seeds to a empty house and pick them up.
    D. Close CC account with out their knowledge

    The DOA and DEA are very smart and take things like this into account. Even if you left a huge paper trail, ordering with your own personal CC and having it sent to the grow address, using your home IP to place the order. All this can be done by hackers see "Zombie computer" for more information on this. But literally a hacker could crack your personal computer get all your information, place an order using your IP address and CC and simply intercept the package, or have it delivered else where. Then wiped any trace of them being there on your computer without ever setting foot into your house or even close to your property. Sounds complicated but it is not. I don't think you are on any list and the "letter" you received should be the end of it.
  8. Your best bet is ordering of Grass city there packaging is very good and discreete.

  9. Do you have a website? or a link? thanks......
  10. That is some really bad luck, i hope i don't get screwed and lose $40
  11. Never send seeds to the growing address. Huge mistake.
  12. Hey, is there a specific way you have to send cash through mail to a seed bank, I got it wrapped up in brown paper and I have a piece of paper with the order number written on it.
  13. Damn that sucks how many seeds did you order?
  14. I didn't send anything yet, I just ordered 10 seeds of northern lights (by accident sorta, lol)
    for $40 standard shipping included. I ordered from marijuana-seeds.nl, is there a certain way I have to send the cash money?
  15. No you can not send cash money you have to go fill out a money order if i am not mistaken. Thats the next best thing to getting a pre paid credit card.
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    i have ordered three times to my home using a visa card. one order didn't make it and i put in a dispute with visa, got my money back. the woman at visa asked me what i ordered and i told her marijuana seeds. no other problems. even with my address, most people can't find me. i used "the seedstore". prices are much lower than most, like $19 for 12 seeds. j

  17. those are some crazy ass prices, they seem kinda suspicious
  18. Im in the states and I thought that if you send any hemp product through the USPS, then you could get into trouble, since your using a federal government service to do it.

    If also heard that using FEDX or UPS would reduce the risk. These carriers dont care as long as they get paid. The USPS checks everything now a days. 9/11 changed that.
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  19. Thanks now i know
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    worked for me. are seeds illegal? i don't think they are. especially since i have mmj card.
    anyway it says on the site that they are sold as "souvenirs". what a bunch of stupid laws made up by people that don't know shit... just like most of the laws but this isn't the right board.
    they came in a plain brown envelope, no return address, seeds inside a tiny plastic container, nothing else in the bag and no markings. only one dud out of the 12. j
    edited to add, hemp isn't illegal that i know of. they make purses, soap and all sorts of stuff out of it.

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