ordering seeds over the web???

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  1. good idea? whats the best way? should i even be worried? help...
  2. its illegal but there are a few sites that will ship regardless but you just have to hope they get through customs unchecked because otherwise ........ well you get the picture. if you want to grow buy some schwag with a lot of seeds and use those,,, just because its schwag does not mean that the seeds will grow schwag its only schwag if you dont take care of your plant.
  3. Nope, the most they'll do is send you a letter saying they intercepted your mail and you won't be getting the contents.:wave:
  4. attitude seedbank is legit.. try out some pick n mix feminized for starters, plus u get some really dope freebies. ever since I bought from em once I've been hooked and I don't even need seeds.. im just an addict for great genetics.
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    Don't want to sound like a dick, but tKB do you work for the Attitude?
  6. golden seeds .com has some very interesting products and come recomended by very expierenced grower. also i have had good success with amsterdam marijuana seeds. i have tried to email mr. nice for info but never got a reply. dj short are legit i guess because the guys referenced alot and the prices are through the roof.
  7. I assure you that I don't work for Attitude but I ordered from them recently and they were delivered to the southeast US within 2 weeks.
    All props here!
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    Same here.. I love attitude and order from them religiously cuz the good service they've provided me with in the past. extra freebies when they've made accidents and even taking back non-germing seeds.. it might sound like I rep em a lot but it's only cause I want others to benefit from the good service they've provided me and many others as you can see.. You won't be the first person to order seeds online and certainly not the last. Enjoy.
  9. So US here in the USA, particularly CA region, can order these seeds online with a prepaid debit card and have them shipped to their house safely?

    I hate the hastle that ive read about others sending to someone elses house or to some abandonded address and all that BS.

    Does one really have to take all those precautions with a prepaid debit VISA/mastercard, and with their STEALTH shipping method?
  10. The kind you get from Rite Aid or Longs(I guess CVS now) won't work if the company charging it is outside of the U.S., but if you have a debit card you got from your bank you're fine. Yes, you can have them shipped to your house safely. There is no punishment or fine for ordering seeds online, at the most they will send you a letter telling you that they snagged you're package. But even that rarely happens.
  11. I use my own bank card all the time never had a problem.I am state legal though.If costums gets them they just send a letter and say if you want them contact them.
  12. this has happened to you?
  13. yes it has
  14. I hope i get mine once i find out i will let you know what i think 'bout it.
  15. ha...

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