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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by hippie john, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. OK, I know how to order the seeds and have found the ones I want. Now how do I order them to a different address and beable to get the seeds from that address. will they deliver seeds to a PO Box?
  2. HIGH All, I don't know if they send to PO boxes hippy john. Maybe email the company your thinking of and ask them.

    We get ours sent to a very good friend who has no problem having our seeds sent to him.
  3. yes they deliver to PO Boxes
  4. could you recommend any seeds that are good for a super low 70 - 150Watt HPS ScrOG Setup?
  5. Master Kush, heavy indica that will couch lock you. Short grower, heavy smell, very resinous.
  6. anything that doesnt have a heavy smell? I'm trying to go stealth.:)

    P.S. Thanks for the advice!:smoke:
  7. Get something fruity, like bubblegum or orange. They are both a good cross strain, indicia/sativa mix with small to medium yelds
  8. O.K. Sounds good. But what do you mean by Small to medium yeilds, About how many ounces per plant?
  9. Bubblegum Yield 300-500 p.s.m
    California Orange Yields are slightly above average. pobably 3/6 a pound

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