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  1. Hey everyone. Im looking to order some really good seeds for my next grow now that my current cycle is almost ready to be harvested. I am in Canada so everthing is legal. I was just wondering what is peoples experience with seedsman seeds? Or if anyone has a favourite site they like. Please keep in mind I like to order singles of feminized seeds. Please share yours and your experiences please!!
    Pic of my plants for fun lol
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  2. I highly recommend both The Vault and Ace Seeds. Ace is a breeder that sells their seeds on The Vault (among many other seedbanks) and their own website. The Vault has a 12.5% discount code for GC members: Grasscity125.
  3. Seedsman is pretty good. They won't steal your money, and will definitely send what they say they are sending. I have purchased from them a few times.
  4. I got my seeds from Crop King but the smallest pack they have is a pack of three seeds. I germinated 13 and they all came up.
  5. Niagara Seed Bank has some good stuff!

    Call for the complete inventory as the website isn't always great on keeping updated.

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