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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Dreeker, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Starting To Grow Pretty Soon; 1 Problem, need Seeds

    SeedDirect is the way to go for me (unless they respond a no to my email, but cant say what i wrote)

    So; Im looking to spend 0$-40$ On good Seeds. Some Factors:

    1. Price (In My Range)
    2. Amount of Seeds (10-12 is Fine)
    3. Growth Rate (Anywhere Under 50 Is Good, Under 45 Is Excellent)
    4. Easiness to Handle, and Strength (First Time Grow, If I screw Up, Dont Want My Plants Dying off of a Small Mistake, and I Also dont Want to Be Hassled of Doing Something Different To Them Every Day)
    5. Bud Potency (Almost All Will Do, but Dont Want To Pay 20$ More IF Just a Lil More Potent)
    6. Bud Smoke & Taste (About any will do, as long as it doesnt light your throat on fire)
    7. Yeild (Im looking to use 2-3 Female plants and get 2 Oz, will settle for less, so this isnt HUGE, but still a nice detail)

    Basically i want a beginner plant, with now to much hassles involved with growing it, a decent smoke and yeild and a plant that is sturdy. Anyone can point me out to 4-5 or so seeds, If possible, with link to it with SeedsDircet.to

  2. So Far im Thinking One Of these:
    White Widow
    Blue Mystic
    Northern Lights
    Bubble Gum
    Top 44

    Which One Of These Would be Good for A First Time Grow, Withouth Too Much Smell, and A Pretty Small Space
  3. we must think alike im trying northern lights , white widow,and bubblegum right now plus the send you some skunk#1 seeds free like 15 of them good luck
  4. Cool, I Only Want To Order One Tho, Should I Go With Bubble Gum?
  5. YEAH i have to wait a couple months i just got my seeds 2-3 weeks ago and had about 85% germ rate the wee bubblegums are about 3" and on there 2nd and 3rd sets of leaves cant wait till they get BIG but any one of those strain should work exelenta for you good luck and seeds direct is on the down low with shipping you'll see i was pleased and plan to order again shortly good luck
  6. Do they send it in a regular envelope?
  7. yes and they protect them so they don't get chrushed i dont think they can see the seeds with xray the way i got them good luck
  8. do you guys give them your real names or use a fake one? and how did you get the 15 free skunk seeds?
  9. Does seeds direct ship to the US, P.O. boxes, and do they take money orders?
  10. i was gonna say that to:rolleyes: ,lol so yeah... DO THEY??? cuz i need seeds too
  11. Yup, I just looked, they do.. I'm gunna grow me some marijane after last frost... (hell it hasn't frosted many times yet) lol.. only like 3 more monthes till i can grow...I'll plant them early to late april..
  12. do you guys give them your real names or use a fake one? and how did you get the 15 free skunk seeds?
  13. HIGH All, timmy I use my real name and a freinds address...I've done it 8 times with 7 seed companies and have had no problems getting them.
  14. I never send to my house where the grow is.
    I never use my real name
    Where the beans go ; my friend is cool about it because it's his PO Box
    Time to time he refuses a couple items ; like catalogues sent to the box with wrong names from companies that send catalogues for their products.
    Acting as if all the mail that comes there isn't his. Just a precaution.
    .....He's only had the Box for a year now. He doesn't grow and has a legit business reason for the PO Box. Doesn't make it foil proof tho'.
    So take the time to complete your stealth end of the delivery.

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