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Discussion in 'General' started by perpetual_time, Feb 11, 2009.

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    What does the package look like? Would there be any trouble mailing it to a college. Has any tried to order the ayahuasca product from grasscity?
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    usually it comes in a box. lol with addresses and stuff.... and probably a customs sticker saying its been checked.

    Although i got a box one time and it was an old Zong box, and the sticker was torn off but you could still read it.

    dont ship to college, or your asking for it. unless you have your own apt.
  3. im not ordering a bong or anything, the plant material i might order is legal, bong is legal...but of course more sketchy
  4. i was going to order mimosa hostilis..i thought it might look like tea or something

  5. So your telling me that when it is legal to buy clean glass if you are 18 years old, and that if I had it shipped to a college dorm, that the school would figure out what it is, and try to catch me with it?
  6. its just sketchy. you dont want to have anyone suspect you of anything
  7. dude you're fine if it's legal they can't do shit
  8. Just had my seeds shipped to my dorm in the best public university in illinois, and i'm holding it in my hands right now :). Unless your college is a private school with like specific regulations on handling mail, they can't do ANYTHING about what you receive in the mail especially since it's already been processed by other mailing services. like i could have a huge MJ leaf on the cover of the package and it wouldn't mean shit.

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