ordering pipes online

Discussion in 'General' started by Kole477, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. is it safe to order pipes/bongs/seeds online ?

    somewhere i heard if you order something like that they put you on a 6 month waiting list and then come to your house or something.. doesnt sound true but who knows

    right now i'm at my college appartment and i won't be living here next year so i could probably get something delievered here before May right? that way my pops wont see it and get mad haha
  2. Order it off of GC. It shouldn't take 6 months, unless it's out of stock. In which case you could cancel the order and find a different one that you want.
  3. i meant like somehow the cops put you on the waiting list.. then come to your house to see if your growing (if you bought seeds)

    i will order something off GC Though still looking around.
  4. Oh..i thought by they you meant what you ordered, not the cops. If you are looking to buy seeds I'd do it now, if you aren't living there anymore, they can't really track it down to much further. If they really wanted they could use your name to find your current address or something.

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