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ordering online?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohyeahsonn, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. so i was thinking about ordering online some stuff. debating on salvia, or pot (seeds)
    also i wanna keep it as discrete as possible as i dont have a mail or P.O. box and am unable to get one in this small town, so itll have to be sent to my parents. i dont want suggestions such as "send it to a brother/sister" i dont have any and since im new here i dont know anyone im comfortable about asking if i get a package sent there.

    so anyone ordered either and if so, how discrete was it?
  2. Id suggest not to order pot seeds online, that can be tracked. Just get a friend to save any seeds from good shit they get or ask your dealer if he could part with some maybe?
  3. buy salvia from here. It comes labeld as "tea", and is sent from france, I think.
  4. like the box just says "Tea"

    and which one should i order. i never tried it but i hung with a friend who did just 5x and he was tripped out like hell for about 15min the first time on one bowl. the next few times it was shorter though
  5. salvia is legal in most can buy it from a headshop in a lot of places.

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