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  1. Hey i have a really crappy dealer like reallllllly crappy. He rips me off and has bad weed basically. I cant find any new dealers so i am thinking about ordering online. There are many craigslist posts and i have reached out to a few of them and they sent me tagged pics and they seem legit. So does anyone have any experience with this? There is also this delivery service i found here that would send a delivery boy to me to meet locally for good weed. Is this safe? Im in new jersey btw. Please let me know soon if possible.

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  2. nah u need a computer

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  3. Please try to remember...talk of illegal websites on the deep web is not permitted on GC...
  4. No matter how bad my dealer was I would Never Ever think to order online. It's really better to ask around rather than to do it online. It may be a cop or someone not even trying to sell you weed - which is even scarier.
  5. Thanks guys.

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  6. Don't order online,new find stoner friends and find out who they buy from, Craigslist post is most likely someone Bullshittin or Feds.

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  7. Federal agents to catch marijuana users on craigslist...?
  8. I know right. The teenie boppers are back on Grass City. Summer is here.
  9. Dude weed is super easy to find and risking an online transaction for it just doesn't make much logical sense. If you must I would suggest a site that cannot be named here.

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  10. Don't do it OP. Way too much to risk

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  11. Try to ask people you know or if they know anyone and if that doesn't work maybe you can attend a 420 event and ask the right person.

    Be careful

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  12. I want to start getting online too. The weed in my area just sucks and people don't understand that in a town with less than 1000 people, 9000 in the entire county and my county is like super huge, people don't sell bomb weed the older people seem to only know shitty homegrown and mids. Looking around doesn't do anything there's no where to look. I could walk around town for hours and not see one person under the age of 50.

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  13. I've gotten bud from Craigslist so many times you guys don't know what you're talking about. Usually the bud is straight fire too. Still go to a guy I met from cl now... Sure it may be a bit risky... But I don't think cops go after people for buying weed. They mostly just go after the dealers. Anyway good luck op.

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  14. I didn't know Craigslist was considered the deep web?
  15. Just did it this morning. Thought it was funny that every thread asking if it was a good idea there was always one dude that guaranteed it's safe in Toronto, my city lol
    Picked up a half of bomb shit and checked out his BHO. Getting a gram of that next time. If you get raped or murdered I'm not responsible, but at least in Toronto it seems legit.
  16. Terribly misinformed, under the right terms ordering online is not only safer but guaranteed quality.

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  17. Easy to find may be the general consensus, but a lot is based on the demographics too. I decided to start smoking again after a 20 year T-break. Oh, sure I live in a small, 4 year university town, but I had no idea where to begin.
    Tried doing two online transactions, got totally ripped off, did the Craigslist thing but that didn't happen. The guy that responded to my ad got sketched out, it was very futile.
    That's when I started reading the Cultivation section on this site and decided to just grow my own. Felt really good when it all came together.
    That post was pertaining to other posts in the thread that I already took care of...;)
  19. If you decide to do it, don't risk getting robbed by ordering a big amount..just get like a quarter ounce at most and see how it turns out. Someone posted on here awhile back they did a craigslist deal and the guy handed him a tightly wrapped baggie of grass or hay or some shit and took off with his money..lots of scumbags on craigslist..I would worry about getting robbed before I worried about cops
  20. im no expert but ive never heard of LE posing as dealers on craigslist.  Even in quiet cities they got to have better things to do than pretend to be small time dealer.  The biggest threat  is that you meet up with some lunatic who will do god knows what when you meet them,  Other than that, as long as you make a small first time order that you can afford to lose, it could be an easy way to find a connection.  

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