ordering off chunky glass pipes?

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  1. i ordered a nice small glass bong a few days ago of this website ,paid for priority 2-3 day shipping
    Mini Binger Glass Water Pipe

    just wondring if anybody else has ordered off this website and what happened ..ive heard of mostly good experiences with this place, except for a few bad ones
  2. Lmao I actually bought a mini bong just like that one quite a while ago, forgot where I bought it from but it could have been chunky glass. Looks like this:


    That one looks more thick and better quality, mine was $20 too but its pretty thin glass.
  3. thats pretty cool howd u like it?

  4. Nah bro, Ive heard multiple stories about chunky taking $ and not shippin their item...
    Just find another site. :D:wave:
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    NOOOOOO I suggest you do NOT order from Chunky or their sister site Northwest Glass Art

    not to mention that bong has a carb hole.. yuck
  6. does it have a carb hole i couldnt tell from the picture
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    I think another member has a different bong with a carb hole... in the link to the actual product I can't see a carb, and I also don't see it mentioned in the description.

    I have some limited history with both Chunky Glass and NorthWest.... not to detract from GC's amazing headshop (which I've ordered from several times, with great success!!), but for the sake of this thread, I will say that I've never had serious problems with NorthWest, and any issues I did have were taken care of straight away.

    A very close friend, who knows I've never been one to keep up with glass as much as I should, uses Chunky for 'gift pipes' (usually buying local or name-brand glass for herself), and sometimes brings over a gift she's ordered from Chunky.... at the time, I didn't know the two sites were related.

    She apparently ordered two pipes, one pipe was as described, the other one was the next size down, a little shorter, not as thick, and not quite as nifty as the one she paid for, and a broken slide, to boot. :mad: They messaged back and forth to make arrangements for a suitable replacement, and after a week or two both sides apparently forgot to keep up with one another until an agreement could be made.

    Flash forward to a year later, she writes them again. She said that she attached the last email they sent, and the old photos of the order, with something along the lines of "I hope your customer service is a bit better than it was a year ago"...

    She wrote me later that day, and said "guess what, remember that little bong I gave you, that wasn't the bong I meant to give you?"
    I was pleased with it either way, but said I did.
    "Well, they're finally making up for it with a gift... whatever they send me, is yours."

    A week later, she showed up with both of these! A 22" double/dual 8-arm perc, and a 24" 'horny faux-zong'.

    It was a $45.00 order, for a little mini zong and an incorrect bong, that they were rectifying, and they felt she was justified in receiving these as a replacement, for her patience after waiting a year to be dealt with :D



    For kicks and giggles, the two pipes they were replacing are the small 'Twister' red bong on the top left in the photo below (the twist diffuses the smoke in three places), and the very small orange zong which arrived as described... so technically, they just replaced the incorrect Twister.


    Better shot of it, with a slide bowl that's easily a decade old (and has circumnavigated the globe with me twice)...


    They function like many small shops, run by regular human beings; not everyone is perfect, not everyone is fully-staffed and maybe they're not as organized as they should be, and not everyone responds to 'crisis' as well or in the same way, as the next guy... but if you're honest with them, and give them a chance to take care of something that went wrong, in my experience, they'll treat you right.

    This goes for any shop, head-shop or not; just remember to be polite, and honest when trying to have an order corrected (or sent, if they've somehow managed to forget). You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar and all that, and their honest mistake doesn't give you a free ticket to treat them abusively. That type of behavior may sometimes be enough to have them drag their heals, when it comes to helping you.
  8. thanks for the info ..nice collection btw lol
  9. Bought a glass pipe from them..I thought it was an awesome site. Delivered literally a day after I ordered it, and the pipe is great quality and only $15

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