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  1. Gettin ready to order some nutes and a ph tester seein as I can't find anything around my area. Just getting some ideas from you all. Was gonna go with fox farms and a Milwaukee ph600 tester... Trying not to spend that much money. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    I recommend this for easy headache free growing.Dont use it every watering like they would assume to say.More like every 3rd.Feed all 3 same amounts full life of plant veg/flower.I recommend "big bud" and "carbo load" additives as well to be added in flower.Can get small bottles on ebay as well.They are a lot cheaper then buying a 1 liter.

    This will PH your water in the best range for MJ as long as your plain water is under 100 PPM,and PH is between 4.5-8.5.Which most of the world is.

    The cheapest ones on Ebay $57.00 for all 3 shipped.I buy from these guys they are fast.

    Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Grow 1 Liter | eBay

    Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Bloom 1 Liter | eBay

    Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Micro 1 Liter | eBay
  3. Important to note about Advanced Nutrients above....they make 2 lines of the SAME products, the standard (older style) and the pH Perfect line. You have to specifically look for the pH Perfect version of Advanced Nutrients if that's what you want to go with. Their (older) line does not balance the pH.

    I use their pH Perfect Line in my grow below and it works great. I have just seen others on here post about how they feel like they got "screwed" by not getting the right one. I also see comments like "it's not available in the US". That sounds like information that someone got from a misinformed grow shop. You can buy the pH Perfect line from multiple sources online which are grow shops based in the US. Also Amazon, eBay, etc.

    My local grow shop carries AN but not the pH Perfect line. I ran out of my pH Perfect Base (Sensi Bloom/Grow) and they tried to sell me the (old) stuff claiming it's the same thing. The nute stength is the same, but it does not affect your pH up or down. I had to order my pH Perfect nutes from a grow shop on Amazon who is based out of Cali.

    Just make sure you know what you're ordering.... ;)
  4. Thanks for that information! I wouldn't have known! Have you used fox farms before? Do their products mess with ph? I was wanting to do organic nutes but just don't wanna deal with the hassle and having to store it so wanna get the best liquid nutes I can. And still wanna know what ph tester to get.. Leaning towards the Milwaukee jus because of price. The bluelab would be nice but not trying to drop that kind of coin yet. Just wanna get a couple grows under my belt before I start getting a bunch of money into it.
  5. lmfao at how much hes puting into that small amount of water, wats he feeding a tree
  6. I've never used Fox Farms, this is my 1st grow (see my sig). I'm doing hydroponics.....11 plants actually, but they were not from fem seeds so I'm expecting to chop 1/2 of these when I put them into flower next week.

    The Advanced Nutrients systems are expensive. I am using their Starter Grow Bundle which was just shy of $200 shipped online. Has 4 nutes that you add in ADDITION to the base nutes which aren't included.

    I am using a Hanna pHep meter. Waterproof, shows temps and works great. I paid around $60 for it on eBay. You can see all of the equipment I'm using in my grow journal :hello:

    I am about to start a 2nd RDWC hydroponics grow next week as soon as these go into flower....going to incorporate a lot of what I've already learned thus far in this grow. I came into this "hobby" at a little more of an expensive level as a beginning grower. It goes with my personality, as I tend to "over-do" new things. The wife and my wallet hate it. I have put about $1200 into the grow in the sig, including cost of seeds, lights, nutes, and ongoing expenses. Of course you just re-use the equipment....

    So set a budget, read A LOT....you won't be prepared for a lot of things that may come up initially, no matter how much you read. You just have to experience it. I wanted to have a successful grow so I bought great equipment and nutes. It's worked out okay for me thusfar.... :smoke:
  7. :confused:
  8. I agree man. I said I wasn't gonna put as little as I have into it but find myself looking at bigger and better stuff. I just have a set up in my closet right now with cfl due to heat. I'd like to have a room dedicated to growing. But I rent at the moment and don't want any surprise visits by anyone. I can't see your sig. I'm on the mobile app so that could be why. I'll definitely check out the ph meter. I think the one I was looking at was around 20 and had great reviews from growers. This is my setup now... Wish I had more room!

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  9. That's a great little setup you have going on there!
  10. Thanks! I'm hoping it can produce some smoke! Lol
  11. Ended up skimping and ordering this... Read good things on them so hoping for the best!

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  12. [quote name='"frankie b high"']Ended up skimping and ordering this... Read good things on them so hoping for the best![/quote]

    Shoulda went with the general organically starter kit
  13. Haven't seen that one. Glad I get some replies after I order something lol. Oh well. Guess I'll use this and see how it goes.
  14. Did you order any Ph Up & Down solutions. By the way if I remember correctly Milwaukee uses buffer solutions 4.01 & 7.01 so if your reading are off a tad bit just add or minus the 1/10 of a point. Although it is better to go with buffer solutions that the manufacterer reccomends. Most nutes will lower the PH so thats when you may need to use some PH up and straight water sometimes needs to be Ph`d down.
  15. Knew I was forgetting something! Thank you for reminding me!
  16. Bummer.

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner...

    If you are growing in soil then you just blew a lot of money like many new growers before you. Fox Farms is not organic, and it will render your soil inert. Regardless of how much pH balancing you do with your solution the microbes which help buffer the pH in the media will all be dead and you will see your runoff pH drop and drop and drop.

    It isn't your fault man. I don't mean to bag on you. I did EXACTLY the same thing with my first/second grow. In the sea of nutrient companies and the range of experience levels here it is easy to get misdirected. Trust me, you're going to throw away more than half of those bottles.

    General Organics is definitely a winner when it comes to cannabis. BioThrive Grow and BioThrive Bloom is all you would have needed. Maybe next time around? Maybe you can change your order. I dunno. But one thing I have learned is that Fox Farms is not the best choice. General Organics does not require pH balancing, so not only would you have saved money on the nutrients you wouldn't have to purchase any additional pH hardware and solutions. You also won't waste time trying to dial in at a 6.5pH every time.

    If it isn't too late then what I would do is cancel that order completely and select a quart of General Organics BioThrive Grow and a quart of Bloom. Or you could get the GO Box and use the entire system, there would be plenty of nutrients for your one plant.
  17. I would still need the ph up and down for watering though wouldn't I? And I could cancel the order I guess and try that brand. May just try it out since I already have it ordered and try that for my second grow. Damn it you guys had to come in after I ordered ahit and have me second guessing lol
  18. Yea I bouight that yellow piece of shit PH tester 2.Never worked.

    Fox farms is ok,but advanced nutrients is made to grow weed.

    That video may be scary with all the additives they use.No need to use all the crap they did.
  19. Really considering canceling my order now and ordering the bio thrive... Just wish I had some more input!
  20. Just ordered the GH go box.. You all happy now? Lol

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