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Ordering mflb without parents knowing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Squirt, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Okay so I've been a long time lurker of this forum and I've finally made an account. Before anyone asks, yes I am 18, my problem is I still live at home and have a good relationship with my parents that I don't want to ruin. I don't think they would be too angry with me if they found out I was ordering a vape, but they would probably prefer it if I waited until I have my own place which I don't really want to do. I can't just order it to the house because my dad doesn't like it when I order things with my debit card, he thinks if I need something I should ask him so he can order with his credit, that way if it's a scummy business that doesn't send you the item or something it's easier to cancel the payment. Also, I'm almost never home alone, becuase my dad usually works from home, my mom doesn't have a job atm and I have two dead beat older brothers who don't work and still live at home.
    Also, I can't go to a headshop because I wanted one of the artisan collection flight boxes that are available right now (for some reason I just have a real need to get something that's unique instead of just the common flight box) so that's not an option. And I wont be able to use my debit card because my dad is connected to my account (which I don't mind because him and I constantly share money, especially if he wants to invest but hasn't gotten his paycheck yet or vice versa). 
    So my plan was to get a prepaid visa gift card thing at the store with cash, and then order the mflb straight from their website and have it shipped to the local post office for general delivery. You guys think this will work? Does anyone know how discreet the packaging is from magic flight? And will I have to sign for the package at the post office or just show some id? Thanks!!

  2. Give a friend the money and have them order it?
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  3. Just tell your parents its a masturbatory device, they should leave it at that. Or just get your own place, order it there, then move back to your parents
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    I stole the family minivan and went to a gas station at 15 years old to buy a $25 gift card to buy a scale and grinder from amazon.
    They arrived on separate days, one on a day my dad was home, and i just wandered out and accepted the package. I got lucky and he was taking a crap when the truck pulled up. The day my grinder arrived was a different story though, my mom was behind the house feeding the horse and i slowly walked out to accept the package, i thought quick and took the package for a walk down the road. I went to where no one could see me, opened it and slipped the grinder down my pants and went back to my house. I went inside and said "it wasn't even for us." my mom asked "what wasn't for us?" I said "the package, they delivered it to the wrong house so i walked it down for them." My mom hadn't even realized that a package showed up, so she just looked at me weird, said ok, and went back to making dinner. She had to have known something was messed up with what i said... but somehow i was never questioned for it.
    I still have both, and they still work great after 5 years.
    Moral of the story, just wait for the package. A good company will basically tell you the exact day the package will arrive. Watch the tracking info. For me, the UPS comes by every day between 3-4. I just waited around for the package and made sure i got it and not my parents. If you do the same you can come up with a bullshit excuse no problem. Just walk away with the package. Your parents will just shrug their shoulders and wait until you get back. Say it had a neighbors name on it and you took things into your own hands. Blame the UPS guy. Leave the package in the woods somewhere and just get it on a walk later that night. 
    Or order it to a friends house. I don't have a permanent address right now so i have everything glass related shipped to a good friends house. Their parents are cool and don't mind it. You should be able to find a friend to help you out.
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  5. wow thanks for the response man this really helped me out. I appreciate the time you took to write such a long response. Idk how I'd be able to intercept the package without someone noticing but I think I might just be over thinking it a little. But the friend idea is pretty good I can ask around with some people I know I just don't know if I trust a whole lot of people with a 150 dollar vape
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  6. This.
  7. problem is most of my friends are stick up the ass types that don't like to break rules and my other set of friends that do smoke aren't always that trustworthy or they have parents that aren't chill with it. I love in a super conservative area so that's a problem and none of my friends have places of their own yet (we're all finishing up highschool)
  8. ever heard of opening a PO box?
  9. i found that in my younger days of smoking you meet some pretty untrustworthy people they are just getting into the scene and money is always an issue/ problem don't even get me started of fronting but everybody i associate with now its really chill. unless you have one really good friend that you can trust to do it i think your on your own for this one man i would look into getting it shipped to the post office if your parents are always home 
  10. well just wait until you or one of your friends have their balls drop and then it can be ordered.
    until then, you're s.o.l
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  11. haha funny man real funny. Thanks for the replies everyone sorry if this was a stupid thread I'm just new to this and overthinking it. Thanks for most of you giving serius answers and thanks for showing me that not all stoners are chill dick
  12. Yeah, order it and have it held at the post office.

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