Ordering grow equipment to cardholders address?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr Nice, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Is it wise to get the grow equipment delivered to a different address, or are the sites (Such as greens horticulture) fairly secure?

    Also has anyone found a better site to order equipment from than the above?

    Thanks :wave:
  2. I, as I know many many MANY other grow vets, use bghydro.... prices are solid, shipping is quick, good customer service that you can actually get on the phone, etc.

    I'd also recommend using a gift credit card for the purchase, you can get them almost anywhere. Untraceable.

    Then, I just order the shit and have it shipped to a friend who is just that, an ignorant friend. Since they ship in unmarked boxes, no way to tell what it is.

    I just tell em it's a surprise for my wife, GF, etc... and since I only purchase once a year from the hydro store (buy what you need and keep the purchases low), it's believebale.

    Piece of cake...
  3. Thanks, but I was mainly looking for UK experiences and grow shops. Should have mentioned :eek:
  4. bahahah....uhhh, yea, that would matter... kinda like if you were looking for how to obtain grow equipment in Iraq...

    Oh well, I'd be shocked if the above method failed even in your country....though I would NOT recommend bghydro for it - since they are in the states.

    Just think of things like this when you are ordering: What types of 'evidence' are you leaving behind.

    Order to a friend, order using cash or untraceable credit card, etc.... all basic stealth methodologies....
  5. But really though, is it really that much of an issue? Ordering parts is not illegal at all - in fact, hydroponics is a legitamate hobby even for people who don't grow weed. They grow all sorts of things, including herb or vegetable gardens, like my mom has (small scall, pre-made). So ordering the parts may get you flagged, but as long as you don't order seeds with a credit card (or at least one in the same name as the parts), I would think you'd be fine.
  6. Agreed*
  7. it would be stupid to order stuff like that or even seeds to your house use a friends house to ship things to
  8. Theres no way they could pin you down if you were to ship them to your house, besides there just light bulbs in boxes. :p

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