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  1. If anyone has ever ordered from this site could you please tell me if the packaging has anything on it which would indicate it's been ordered from this site? It would make things difficult with the people I live with if they found out I smoke. Thank you.
  2. I haven't ordered anything here but I'd imagine it would at least say grasscity somewhere on it. And probably the word pipe somewhere if you ordered glass. Or at least glass somewhere written. If it's such a big deal why not just go to a head/tobacco shop or get a p.o box?
  3. It doesn't say Grasscity, but it does say something about Amsterdam on it.. so.. but other than that it's discrete enough. So I hear from everyone though. Never made a purchase myself.
  4. Well, I'd imagine it is stamped with big, red letters "Bong" or something similar.

    Come on, this site wouldn't get any money if they didn't discreetly package shit.:cool:
  5. I bought 2 glass pipes from this site about 4+ years ago. It was plain packaging and no mention of grasscity or anything suspicious whatsoever on it. The pipes were nice, too. :)

    Edit: now that I think of it, I think I'm overdue for another purchase. Maybe next month I'll get some more glass.
  6. Why does it matter if it's discret or not? You're getting a completely legal tobacco smoking device. It can come in a clear white tub and it wouldn't be illegal.
  7. Yeah its discrete as said. Seen a few problems with people recieving broken orders and slow responses to fix the issue. But that seems like it only happens every once in awhile. Maybe the owner goes binge drinking.

  8. It doesn't say anything about GrassCity anywhere.

    If you order a color changing pipe, those ship from inside the US so it'll just be a plain box with no indication of what's inside.

    If it's a bong, then that'll ship from overseas and probably have "fragile/breakable" stickers on it, and it may have a customs form declaring what's inside. Though, the form on mine was 2 pages folded up in a plastic sheath thingy, so no one would have seen it unless they cut open the plastic and read the paperwork. :p
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    They are very discreet, none of my packages have ever said anything blatant on the outside, and some of their items actually ship from inside the US... in which case not only do you have speedy delivery, but you don't even need to worry about potential customs stickers (assuming you're in the States). :)

    Edit - JD beat me to the punch :p

  10. Yeah, the pipes that ship from within the US arrive very fast. Mine only took a few days. I was pleasantly surprised. :smoking:
  11. I ordered a water bong off of here. It came in like, a trash bag, with fragile and customs written on it. Some random dude came up and handed it to me with a knowing smile, and that was that. Got some free screens too.

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