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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums here. I've smoked about 4 times in my life. With my most recent experience a friend and I (who was less affected) decided to go to a local taco place called Chadito's (the guy who own's it is named Chad). Anyway, I went inside to order my food...

    I have NEVER had such difficultly in my life ordering food. I immediately felt like the kids working there were starring at me, and that the girl at the register definitely knew. I ordered some chicken nachos and this kid from the back comes up the counter and tells me he can make with nacho cheese, melted shredded cheese, or both. This was a HUGE decision in my mind, almost felt like it was a quiz on a test, as if I could get the answer WRONG. I stumbled with my words a little and I looked down at the counter hoping the kid wouldn't notice my eyes were partially bloodshot... I told him nacho cheese. Immediately he said "how about both?". It felt like he was fucking around with me, knowing what mental state I was in. I told him just nacho cheese is fine. Then the girl asked me what I wanted to drink? Again, a difficult decision... This time I couldn't figure out how to say the name of the soda... I looked down and saw soda labels listed on the counter. As I looked at these labels the kid still standing up there put his hands on the counter and leaned forward as if he was trying to look into my eyes (like move his vision under my face and peer up at me). THIS WAS INSANE. He had to have known. I couldn't figure out how to say "Mug's Rootbeer" so I had to point to the label and say "This one... large size".

    The girl rang me up for my order and I paid with a debt card (there was probably no way I could figure out the cash). The entire time I was snickering and laughing.

    Such an odd, paranoid experience, but thinking back on it I LOVED it...
  2. Good times :D I lol'd when I pictured this happening in my head
  3. I went to jack in the box with a couple friends once and the guy working the register had a very feminine voice. It took me like 10 minutes to order (or so it felt like) because I couldn't stop laughing. Ohh weed...
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    I can tell you've only been high 4 times in you're life, because as you start to get high more often, you'll probably notice that this happens a lot. I feel like this is the typical experience I have while in a store high. Ordering things can be hard as fuck and being paranoid about them knowing is really common too. Fuck, it happened to me today. Funny story, but this shit happens all the time.

    Anyways, toke up! :smoke:
  5. haha i think its hilarious when like sunoco knows im high or somethin. idk why i just always get a kick out of it.
  6. i did this at a burger joint during a road trip and my buddy made a whole bunch of eatibles n said dig in this gonna be a long ride. i couldnt stop smiling and just felt tingly and it was so hard to order . i looked like such a creep not being able to stop smiling lol
  7. @of montreal...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMPmrMnb0vQ]YouTube - FUNNY - REALLY Funny voice!!! Guy sounds like girl![/ame]

  8. Haha this still happens to me sometimes. I feel as if EVERYONE knows I'm fucked up. And I'm just there looking at the menu overwhelmed because everything looks so fucking good. And I try to act as normal as possible but I mostly stay looking down at my phone so that I don't make eye contact with someone. Just bring some clear eyes with you :)
  9. HAHA! Hilarious story bro! Reminds me of my group of friend back in the day!

    We'd get so high and laugh so hard inside this one gas station some of the best times I've ever had stoned. This one time I was laughing so hard at my friend. He'd just gotten a haircut that day and he looked like a total man-child. I was laughing for about a good 5 minutes straight when the guy at the register says "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" and I said "... inside joke!" and quickly went on my way. :smoke:
  10. best advise you can gte. if you can act like you and ur eyes aint to red no one will no. just remember no one cares if you high. as long as your not being stupid they wont even know.
  11. ordering is always intense...hopefully you werent trying to order from a mexican who knows limited english
  12. I was like that in the beginning, but then I started getting cocky and not caring...either that or I just learned to just roll with it...now I don't have much problems doing anything no matter how blazed I am...there is shit I dont like to do high though...like physical labor...and stuff.
  13. Ordering food when I'm baked is the hardest thing ever. The only reason I even do it is because I know how good the food is going to be so I just man up.
  14. I really couldn't give a fuck if people know I'm high tbh.

    But yeah. It's not uncommon to act retarded when doing something such as ordering food.
  15. That's pretty much how I feel.
  16. I had these troubles in the 90s when smoking hash.
    Nowadays it's no problem- just when I can't find something in the supermarket it's bad I get nervous quickly. The stairway escalator takes ages somehow is wobbling strangely on it's way downwards and I sometimes wonder why it does not explode.

    I have also learned to live with the fact that there are these agents who read your brains using invisible telephones and immediately all your family etc. knows that you are high BUT just when one of the secret agents pops up and looks at you with that knowing face.

    Wanna experience something odd? smoke one and then go outdoors mend your plants, collecting and distributing water and all this stuff. Well it is no fun but it is possible when you just do it slowly.

    Just smoking weed I do not have to laugh all the time but sure I have that special face expression.

    Sometimes when I am high I am nosing around in the supermarket on ppl wondering if they just stole something.
  17. Yeah ordering food when high always seems to be significantly more challenging. And I definitely understand what you guys are saying about the paranoia of them knowing I'm high - particularly when I first started blazing. It's no problem these days because I have a pretty high tolerance now and always use eye drops, so I'm never really worried about getting caught (have spoken to the cops high on quite a few occassions without any problems - including one time being high on shrooms, lol!).
  18. reading this made me smile

    it brought back all the memories of my first times smoking and having to count money at movie theaters, struggling order food while stoned, worrying that i looked too blazed, laughing and chuckling uncontrollably the whole time in every case lol
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    last time i went to jack in the box high, my freinds talked me into buying 40 of the 2-for-$1 tacos. then we feasted....
  20. I ALWAYS go to Taco Bell and get, the number 2 the double decker taco its 2 dollars with a drink and chips.. their new deal... and id get a chicken burrito and 5 layer-burrito shits so dank.. and cheap all 5 bux and remember to get the double decker taco in the meal thing its cheaper... only 2 cause the taco by itself wuld jus b 2.. and im goin to in-n-out, nothing better than a 3 by 3 and animal fries mmmmm..

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