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Ordering from Amazon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bubbles65, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I have two questions.
    First of all, I live in Canada. Can I order from the website or do I have to use Because the MFLB on is only $70 but the one on the Canadian website is almost $200.
    Second, I have 2 room mates and they don't smoke and hate it when I do, so I asked if they would mind me vaping in the apartment and they still dont want me to. However, I'm going to anyways because they probably wont notice. So is it possible to order something off of amazon then set it up so you pick up your package from the local FedEx or whatever place it gets delivered to? Has anyone every done this? If so, how do you do it :S
    Thanks for all you help guys!
  2. 1. I believe you can use regular Amazon but the shipping/import rates may be higher. Check the Amazon website to make sure.

    2. Why can't you have it mailed to you? It'll just be in a normal brown/yellow package. Do your roommates go through your mail? That doesn't make sense unless by 'roommates' you mean parents.

  3. This haha. Although even parents shouldn't go through your mail if you ask me, unless your parents are really into snooping around your business.

    I've recently ordered a vape of my own off amazon, and I'm expecting it within a week :)

  4. If his roomates go through his mail, thats illegal and he can use that to black mail them into letting him smoke pot whenever he want, just a thought you made me think when you said that =).

    Anyways, MFLB is awesome man the smell is very faint, if you really want to smoke inside your room though I suggested using the smoke buddie, and ozium those 2 combined, is basically odorless, Smokebuddie gets rid of yoru exhale smoke while ozium gets the lingering smoke from bongs/pipes,

    ps ozium isnt required if you know how to snap shot correctly and not have any lingering smell.
  5. Your roommates sound like a couple of misinformed chaps.

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