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  1. So here's my issue, both of my parents know I smoke and condone it i guess. i'd probably say that my dad is more alright with it than my mom. They don't live together anymore so tonight i asked him if i could order a bong off of *** and have it delivered to his place. he said not until i was an adult. so my main question is, how do I order a piece off of *** without raising suspicion, i.e weird credit card charges, weird packages showing up at either of their houses? i could always go to a LHS but there's a specific brand that I want that they probably don't carry.

    tl:dr how do i order a bong off of ***, without a credit card and packages showing up at either of my parent's houses?
  2. Do you have a friend? You're obviously not 18 since you told us you're not an adult, unless you were referring to mentally, although that much is blatant.

  3. [​IMG]
  4. what if i used one of those mastercard gift cards that you can buy at walgreens, and have it shipped to a P.O box or something?
  5. get a PO box, and with the credit card charges, get a prepaid Visa or the ones you can load money on to.
  6. lol did not see the post above, or do a money order that would take longer to process tho...
  7. PO boxes cost a lot of money, especially because they have to be big enough to fit the packaging required to ship a bong. is there any other place like that where someone can get packages delivered for free?
  8. just kidding guys i found a friend's house to ship it to. my night has been made :)

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