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  1. ok i'm 18 and live in georgia and i just wanted to know if it would be safe to order a bong or "waterpipe" online and ship it to my P.O. box at college? I would have to pick it up at my campus post office which is run by the school and that just seems a little scary. Could they say anything to me about it? I'd rather order online than have to settle for anything less at a local headshop. This may be a dumb question but i just want to be safe. thanks
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    depends on where you order from. But whenever i get stuff in the mail, you couldnt tell whether its paraphernalia or just some crap your mom sent you.
    I've never sent anything into a dorm so im not familiar really with the workings, but if they dont open or examine mail i wouldn't be worried.

    Its a big risk if something was to occur though. Try and find someone with an address that wont be processed by the school. Get tracking so you know when it will arrive and be able to snatch it up swiftly.

    Good luck!
  3. If you have a friend who lives near your school, and doesn't mind you having it shipped to theri place... I would send it their. Its close by, and it doesnt have to go through your school. My university I believe doesnt check mail, but then agian, Ive never had any packages to pick up from there. Also, Like ^^^^ said... get tracking info for your shipment.
  4. As long as the packing is discrete it shouldn't be a problem. The people sorting the mail could probably care less anyways. I never had any problems with getting things mailed, hell my vape was shipped to my dorm. Worst case scenario they find it and you just tell them it's for tobacco and they won't be able to do anything
  5. I know for one grasscity and edit ship is just a descrete brown box, so as long as they dont open it your fine
  6. Most legitimate shops i have seen that do ship, will not ship to a PO box, you need an address. To many possibilities for fraud w/ a PO box...
  7. I'm also 18, in Georgia and in a similar situation :). I recently ordered a vape (and I've ordered several glass pieces in the past), and had it sent General Delivery to a local post office. Basically, you find a major PO (like the main one in your town) and write:

    Your Name
    General Delivery
    Address of PO

    When it gets there, go show them your id (bring 2 just in case) and they'll hand it over.

    Also, I should also note that everything I've ever ordered has come in plain brown boxes. The companies shipping this stuff don't want the attention any more than you do
  8. Most companies won't ship to PO boxes
  9. Most companies will ship to a college dorm though, and you're fine, I've done it several times. Every place I've ordered from has been in a plain brown box. I mean think about it...the company doesn't wan't to draw unwanted attention to itself, they're not gonna write "hey this is a bong" on it.
  10. Well you wont have a problem with people such as school employees opening your box because it is a federal offense to open mail that does not belong to them and they could get fined or fired for that. Worst case scenario if they box is opened "accidently" say its a tobbacco pipe not a bong and there is no Marijuana Residue on it so no proof or just cause to detain you or confiscate your "T. pipe"
  11. Its all depends on your order where you are ordering from? Try Smoke Cartel they can offer you the Bongs wherever you want it to be delivered. I will suggest you find someone with an address that won't processed by the school.
  12. OP is 8 years ago to the day, tomorrow. I think he figured it out

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