Ordering an LED Light... please help a brotha out.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by TactiC, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Whats going on fellas, need some help figuring out exactly what I need in terms of LED lights for flowering tent.

    Ill have 6 DWC Bubble Buckets inside my 72' x 42' x 84' tent.

    What size LED light should I get? I like the UFO ones, but would you recommend that I buy it?

    So please tell me what you think and if you could give me a couple links to good ones as well.


  2. i had the same question for my grow and many people responded. i got the idea that blackstar by lighthouse is a good type as well as a few others, like solarstorm i think....i picked up a 135w blackstar ufo led for around 160 shipped and it works well. my plant grew more noticable with it......i m no means an expert and i bet others will chime in....i m only growing a plant at a time and am also using cfls for extra light
  3. Thanks for the response kaya, how many plants are you using the 135watt black star on, just one? Can you send me the link that you bought yours from?

    Thanks, TactiC
  4. Man, I wish some led/cfl growers would post some bud shots, fat skinny or otherwise. There is a definite lack of documented results using these low temp lights and I've got no choice about using them, come late April.
    I'm looking at the 240w over the ufo- larger footprint, I think.
  5. If you check out my journal, I have two plants going under one 135W LED. For any more than two plants, I would recommend more wattage.

    I'm waiting until they are finished to decide how effective the light is.

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