Ordering a Roor

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  1. I visited Roor's website looking to order one, but i couldnt really find their store. All i could find is it talking about custom orders. Is this all the offer? Thanks!
  2. They have some websites you can order from. But I suggest a local headshop that has a roor dealer license.


    both sell roor i believe and i think i got the links right, gl
  3. Awesome, thank you sir. Another question though. Whats a best wall thickness and why does it matter?
  4. Well wall thickness is going to be how thick the glass of the whole tube itself is. So the thicker it is, the more durable, and also the more money. So decide which is best for yourself.
  5. There is no real "best" wall thickness. If you get a 3.2mm thick roor its going to feel alot lighter and it may be more prone to break when dropped unlike the 5mm counterparts. Just get what you want thats in your price range.
  6. man i have a 3.2mm roor and its alot thicker than you might think but its ALOT thicker then all my buddys no name tubes and it feels alot more sturdy,
    plus i dont travel with my bong and im very carefull with it and clean it every day.

    the bottom line is be carefull with it and take care of it and glass thickness is not an issue, dont be reckless with your bong and you wont break it

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