Ordered: SGW Waffle Tube

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  1. Hey guys, finally decided to add another tube to the collection. I felt it's been awhile and there has been so much new diffusion technology in glassblowing that it was important enough for me to upgrade. So I ordered a Stone Glass Works Waffle Tube from ALT today and it should be coming through UPS Ground.

    Sorry that I just ordered and I'm waiting for the shipment :]. I want to create some hype for such a nice piece that I'm so anxious to smoke out of. It's the "short" SGW Waffle which is in the range from 15-17 inches.

    Here's some pictures of it:

    I'll be adding plenty of videos and hi-res pictures for all of you once I get this beauty in the mail. I'm going to take the first rip for all of you on video.
    So if you guys have any opinions or experiences of this tube, just tell me :]
  2. it's a great tube you'll love it.
  3. looks like a beast to me
  4. Haha you going to love that thing man have fun
  5. Dude, that thing looks amazing. I was wondering if anyone made a bong like that yet where the downstem is as shower head.

    But I guess that a waffle tube is pretty much the same thing.

    Cant wait for weedstar to make it so it costs me less than 200 bucks lol.

  6. comparing SG skills to a Weedstar copycat?

  7. The guy's just saying that he doesn't have the cash to shell for the sgw and for the record i bet weedstars arnt THAT bad you all have too high standards in my opinion.:rolleyes:
  8. As far as glass quality and blowing skills go there's no competition, I don't think he meant it in that way.
    Weedstar has become pretty trendy recently, It probably won't be long until they make a LQ showerhead/waffle diffuser bong.

    More on topic: SICK bong, enjoy that. :smoke:
  9. I ordered one too, It's coming in tomorrow :D
  10. I've found that ordering UPS shipping through ALT is much longer than the regular USPS shipping. Regular USPS shipping takes 2 days to get to Florida and UPS takes, like, 5.
  11. Aww damn if i knew better I would have chosen to get regular USPS. But I live in California and I'm almost positive ALT is based off somewhere in California so I hope I get my order soon :]. I'm so anxious to see this thing and better yet test it out :hello:
    I just got my tracking number today so I should be able to figure out when this thing is coming :]. My expectation is 2-3 days.:smoke:
  12. Hell yeah man! We'll compare milks :]
  13. [ame=http://s1010.photobucket.com/albums/af228/sublime95/?action=view&current=video201005230003.flv][​IMG][/ame]

    This thing hits awesome! I definitely need a showerhead AC for this thing cause it will get dirty fast. All my friends have commented on how effortless and dragless it is, along with the super quick shotgun-like clear. I named my new piece The Shotgun :]

    I'll add some high res pictures once I clean my piece cause I've been seshing it all over the place.
  14. Unable to load video, mayne. :(
  15. It works man. Try it again.
  16. amazing buy enjoy that man
  17. i wish they still had'em!! :(

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