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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by durkadurka555, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Okay, well I didn't have anywhere else to ship my seeds so I sent them to my growhouse. They arrived and everything. But my question is, would the government NOT intercept the seeds just so they can bust me later down the road? If the seeds arrived without being intercepted does that mean they were undetected?
  2. well if i were u i would wai for about 4 months before growing them to see if u seee any supicios people looking at ur house or any cops breaking in to ur house aftr dat i say grow sum and share sum wit me
  3. There is always somewhere safer than your grow house to send seeds. Sometimes you just have to spend a little more money or do some work. There are Mailboxes Etc. locations all over Texas, for example.
  4. I know but its too late for me to order them somewhere else. I already ordered them to my house. I was just wondering if they came through without being intercepted does that mean that the government has no clue.

  5. Nobody here can guarantee that... BUT

    the better question is:

    has anyone ever heard of anyone getting busted from ordering seeds to a grow house?
  6. I know someone who did this recently and they are wondering if they will get busted
  7. maybe you should start sittin on coke bottles to practice for prison jk.
  8. Yikes, this thread has taken a turn :eek:
  9. yeah man, your totally screwed! :eek:
  10. are you being serious
  11. chill you guys will be fine. ive shipped to my house everytime with no problem
  12. i ordered to my grow house. not worrying, but if the seeds got intercepted I wouldve waited a month or so but they didn't and I only ordered 4 seeds not 500

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