ordered seeds from Canadian seed exchange...

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  1. and I was just wondering if this was a legitimate site. I'm new to growing and i'm really eager to give it a try....I mailed them my order yesterday and on their site it states that my package will be delivered one day after processing your order, but there is a 28 day waiting period....i'm just wondering if anyone in the GTA has ordered from this site and what the results were.

    Thank you very much, id appreciate a lot of replies seeing as how im new to growing

  2. NEVER heard of them.
  3. well do you mind looking them up and telling me whether you think they are a reputable company or not?

    btw no offence but i don't see the point in commenting in a thread without any useful information:cool:...again no offence...
  4. lol, I have never used this company, but ive heard people complaining about slow delivery and bad buisness(getting ahold of them) But i do know people have bought, and recieved seeds from them...... so you should be ok? lol
  5. Heard of them but never ordered. For future reference Google "seed bank review" and you will find a great site with reviews from any seed company you can think of.:gc_rocks:

  6. No offense:::: but by me telling you I had never heard of them would mean you must pretty much be a stupid dickhead for ordering from such a recluse or unheard of company instead of ordering from the tude or the doc or nirv, the tique, etc............ones someone may have heard of. Although even then you are not guarenteed delivery as it is an illegal game and occasionally shit happens.
    Hope you have not lost your money so you buy some real seeds from somewhere that has a reputation for delivering. You should really do more research before sending off some money. I hope you get it though and they grow to be huge female plants and worthy mothers.
  7. Uncool dude, uncool .
  8. well I live in Toronto and it was the first comany that came up...but yeah you're right about looking further into things, that's why i also ordered from attitude...ive heard that they have great customer service and a fairly fast delivery time, i'm sure you guys have heard of that one :).

    ps thanks a lot man, sorry for bieng a little rude before...
  9. Your the stupid dickhead for posting unnecessary abuse online when you wouldn't dare say it to there faces, keyboard warrior :)
  10. Are you in canada?

    For ALL Canadain orders
    Search: hemp depot

  11. Ordering seeds in Canada is 100% legal
  12. Mista red eye you know seeds are legal in canada as well correct? not enough THC in them to get high xD
  13. yeah I do, but the information that he was in Canada came after I said that.

    and Rick, you have my permission to go back to fisting your dog and sucking your fingers....ok.....you may repeat with your mother as well.
  14. What are you 12? Go suck your moms tit you child
  15. So I just read a review that says they are scammers. Sorry. It said they did a one time purchase from breeders then grew them to seed and sell them. Also said they will not send your seeds until you call. If you don't they never get sent. Was sorry to read the review cause that is bull shit. Oh yeah and "Ol Redey" Go to a different site we don't need the negativity. I bet you have never done anything someone else might consider stupid. Ass hole

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