Ordered New Bong From Grasscity :) And Quick Shipping Question

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  1. Hi guys! this is my 1st thread ive made on here. i wanted to show everyone my piece i ordered till i save up enough to get a apix or roor. My 1st G on G bong. Exited for it to arrive!

    Also, a quick shipping question, on my order it says processed through sort facility. Does that mean its through customs? or at customs?

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    the forums aren't really associated with the shop; they're "separate entities" as they say, so this isn't the right place for a shipping question; should probably consult the shipping company or email grasscity directly if you want a legitimate answer 
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    Go through their support section and look for recently solved/asked questions and youll find everything you need to know there. Off the top tho.....If you paid the extra charge you will be notified when it passes through customs for trackin purposes.....cuz you cant track it when its over in Europe. Its never took me longer than the 21 days to get my order, most recently took like 12 days or so for midwest USA. Customs could take a while tho, you never kno w them but I heard that GC will take care of it....if something happend to your glass or if it was confiscated or sumthin like that. You should be all good tho, i wouldnt sweat it

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