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Ordered my mbm2!! So pumped I need a good e juice receipt

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by stonehenge919, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. So I ordered a magical butter maker 2! I'm really excited about this. I want to make some edibles but first want to.make e liquid for my vape. Anybody have good recipe to make a potent e liquid?

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  2. Careful with MBM. I own 2 of them, but rarely use them anymore. There have been many reports of broken plastic handles, but that hasn't happened to me. I've scorched herb with it, because the heating element comes on very hot, regardless of lid temp setting.

    I might use mine in the future, but only as a room temperature blender, and it is very useful for that, because it can be set for 8 hours of auto off/on blending, and then be left alone.

    I stopped using my MBMs after scorching herb, boiling off too much tincture alcohol, and discovering
    Decarb Myths Debunked
    which is the best MJ appliance I've come across for my purposes.
  3. Really so I should cancel my order probably? Is there another appliance u can buy which makes everything easier like mbm2 claims?

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  4. MBM is very useful for grinding and mixing herb, and many people love it. If it didn't have those 2 flaws mentioned above, I'd probably still use it. It's good for mixing herb with oil or alcohol to help make tinctures. But everything MBM does can be done without it, and that's what I do. Here's my list of the best MJ appliances, influenced by the methods I like to use.
    (1) Ardent Lift/Nova. This device decarbs accurately, and that's 90% of getting potent edibles. Any oven can decarb, just not accurately. Before Lift, I harmed herb and/or agonized over decarb. Ardent also taught me that the claimed infusion by MBM is completely unnecessary, and that just adding ground, decarbed herb to anything makes simple maximum potency edibles. That and tinctures are what I do.
    (2) Extractcraft Source (or equivalent alcohol still) allows alcohol tincture makers the ability to reclaim alcohol, or turn 151 proof into 190 proof. It is very expensive, but there might be acceptable substitutes from amazon.
    (3) Magical Butter Machine. I always run the No Heat setting to avoid scorching, and use it as a room temp grinder/blender to help make tinctures. Haven't used it in a year.
  5. I never have done anything other then bubble bag has. My main goal now is to get some potent gummy bears and the e juice for my vape pen. Have you made any e liquid?

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  6. Sorry, I only do fatty edibles, tinctures, and an occassional vape.
  7. Yeah that's what I wanna do a vape. Would you recommend making a alcohol tincture and boil it off and mixing with or make a vg tincture and mix with pg?

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  8. If you try to make a vg tincture, you might be disappointed, because vg is a very poor solvent of cannabinoids. I've never used vg, so my opinion comes from having seen many posts from people who failed with vg, and solubility numbers. Much better is to make 190 proof alcohol tincture first.
    I can't offer advice on how to go from tincture to vape, because I've never done it.
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