Ordered my first pack today.

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  1. Ordered 5 Bubbleicious Autos from Nirvana and absolutely can't wait. God damn it felt liberating lol. Even if it is just a few autos, I plan on growing much more in the future! Just to have an ounce per plant would be gold for me. I'm finishing up a half I just bought and am going on a T-Break until my birthday and 4/20, so growing these girls out will take up my weed smoking in the mean time.
  2. Any reason you bought autos and not photoperiods? Enjoy your grow,hope it goes well!
  3. I've tried to grow out some bag seed in my current setup and it either ends in disaster and the plant dies, or it gets too big no matter what growing techniques I use. I only have a 2x4 space in the bottom of my closet. I also live in an apartment complex, so if I could get the grow done quicker and safer, then I'm definitely going to try to do it. I figure I can take two auto plants at a time in my current setup as long as I use 1 or 2 gallon pots.

    As for future grows, I'm moving sometime around July, so I'm going to order some more seeds before I move. These were kind of purchased on a whim, and I just don't want to keep paying premium price for bud that I don't like.
  4. good luck with those autos and u can give them more than 12hrs of light for bigger yields
  5. Thanks!

    Yeah Nirvana recommends 18/6 or 16/8 throughout the grow. I won't know what's gonna end up happening though until that bridge needs to be crossed. Until I actually possess them, I'm just praying they make it here.
  6. The key with these autos, especially Nirvanas autos is too make absolutely certain that there are no light leaks in the night period. Run 18/6 to ensure you get enough size to warrant the effort in the first place but make sure that the dark IS dark or you are almost guaranteed to end up with hermies or even males.
  7. I've run auto, fem, regular, and from seed at 12 and 12. For that space I would opt for running regular seeds, for 12 hours of light only from seed. It produces a single cola with few ever producing any side branching. They are small, as the plant as a whole is, but with a better set of characteristic effects than any auto out there. Auto's aren't as good as some of the long standing strains out there that are regular. Like you can grow a Serious seeds white russian, or something equally as devestating , and the potency in that small single cola will still outdo any auto I've had contact with for the same amount of pot. I'd opt for the higher grade of genetic and grow it in this manner. Just my 2 cents.
  8. What kind of yields do you see with 12/12 from seed? Also, since you're skipping the majority of vegetative growth, would it shorten the growing time as well?
  9. Purple Maroc- no veg, in 3 liters



    this an average looking yield for a "12/12 only" grow IME. just make sure you use Fems.....

    you could do better yields with a set of autos in your space.. just autos are always more leafy, less dense gear. not that it will not get your high, you'll just end up going thru it faster then a 'Photo" version . and for some reason autos seem to be harsh"ish" to toke.. not sure why this is.(maybe it's just me :eek:)

    I've grown out the bubblegum autos from Nirvana (Buddy's first batch) didn't auto . but did give me a quick harvest once she got into flower. had some of that awesome bubblegum flavor, with a slight couchlock high. so even if you end up having to do 12/12 you'll be good.

  10. The sound of running a SOG setup entered my mind last night. Would it be more work for less reward if I vegged out a couple of femmed seeds and then just turned the plant into rows of cuttings in 1 gallon pots, then ran those on 12/12 once they root? If this turns out to be a better idea, I'll probably scrap my grow space to better fit it.
  11. I don't think so as the cuttings would still be pretty small and you would still need to give them a couple of weeks at least of veg, otherwise they would not give you anything like a decent yield. if you did that but gave them say 3-4 weeks under 18/6 you should still get a decent sog out of them. On a side not if you are thinking of doing that i would definitely recommend doing a scrog rather than sog as it is just easier to manicure throughout the process.


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