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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Thanks for the advice guys E-conolight has great prices on lights. I got a nice 150w HPS for like $45 to my door. In town at Home Depot or Lowes the same light sells for 90 bucks or more!

    Im going to add the 150w hps to my current 70w HPS and 150w of warm floro's and grow floro's.

    So if anyone needs lights, check them out! Econolight
  2. hey devil....dont you think it would be a good idea to just use the HPS? Instead of mixing in the flos... Just wondering!

  3. depending on how many plants he has, the fluoros can still be of some help, just make sure they aren't in the way of the HPS' light.
  4. The fluorescent Econo lights will make an excellent addition to your setup. Use these bulbs to light the lower parts of your plant. You will be amazed at the differance they will make in overall BUDWEIGHT!!!!!PEACE!!!!
  5. What if you had...lets say a 400 HPS and then maybe 2 100 watt HPSs. If you put the 400 up top, and the 2 100s on either side of the plant, would that not make for an amazing grow? that way all the plant is getting sufficient light.

    So, Devil...how ARE you using the flos? Reason im askin it that i have a 4' flo double flo tube (total of like 68 watts) and then two smaller 33 watters. Would these, in addition to my existing 2 100 watt HPS be any help?

  6. Well im just gonna use the floro's still since I have them, might as well, the more light the better i guess.
  7. you two are both right, allthough hps can be a tricky side mount lamp, it would be great, i use 400MH as well as 160 watts warm floro in my main flower room, floros add side buds like you would not belive and the MH keeps buds tight and plants short.

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